Overabundant milk supply?

Sarah - posted on 12/13/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




My baby is currently 17 days old, and for the past week I've actually had an overabundant milk supply. She has trouble staying latched on, because the milk is coming out too fast, and occasionally it will cause her to start choking. What should I do? Also, it seems that because she has to keep coming off the breast to catch her breath and take a break, its making me really sore. Anyone else have this problem and how did you cope? Will pumping for a minute before allowing her to breastfeed help, or will it make the problem worse?


Heather - posted on 12/14/2009




I have this too.. it was terriable in the begining my baby would choke and not stat latched she even began vomitting huge amounts after feeding and had the green foamy diapers... I did everything suggested by LLL website and consultant, feeding her upright, pumping just 1/2 oz before feeding and block feeding ( which gave me mastitis). Turns out by 3mos of age she has learned how to nurse so she manages the oversupply her self.. I still do all those things and still sometime she chokes but for the most part she has just learned how manage it. I do pump every morning a store that milk which I feel somewhat regulates the milk for the rest of the day if i don;t she will choke and refuse to eat till i do. Good luck this is tough I know!

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L - posted on 03/23/2014




I would recommend hand expressing before a feed, burping frequently, like every five to ten minutes, during a feed and also feeding in a reclined position. I would not recommend block feeding, it gave me mastitis within twelve hours! Also, it's a common belief that your baby will adjust to your flow with time! Good luck.

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One thing you could try is pumping or hand expressing before a feed until your let down reflex (the tingly feeling you get a few sucks after your babe latches on) passes, this will slow down the milk flow, and allow your babe to attach better as your breast won't be so engorged and milk won'tt be flowing as fast so they shouldn't choke as much. i had this problem to with my little one. it should settle down soon when you get established with breast feeding, oh and well done so far for carrying on....many wouldnt. good luck with feeding

Elanor - posted on 01/02/2010




Ok, I had this with my son, he's 6 months old now (my supply was caused by a poor latch due to tongue tie, due to my son having a tongue tied) Get your daughter check out for that (my son's was only slight 25% but enough to cause problems. The 2nd thing to do is to 'Block feed' this really sorted my oversupply (it also makes sure baby get's enough hind milk, which is the more high in fat). For me I tried 2 feeds per side first, but had to go 3 feeds per side (if it's really bad you can go 8 hours per side) You should hand express on the full side (but not pump as you may create more milk that way) Just express enough so baby can get a good latch, and you are not in pain. The block feeding really helped me. (and then my son had his tongue snipped, and we've done fine since then). I am still block feeding, about 1.5 feeds per side now. You shouldn't just put up with it, but this works (I work as a breastfeeding supporter, and that's the advice we give out for this issue). Good luck

Rebecca - posted on 12/13/2009




I had this same problem with both of my kids. What you want to do is feed in the "Australian" hold, which is leaning back in a chair so that the baby has to nurse against gravity, you can also latch baby on and then when you feel let down take baby off and let the milk flow into a recieving blanket then latch baby back on when it stops spraying. You can also block feed, this is feeding off one breast for 3-4 feedings before switching to the other breast. This ensures that the breast is empty and baby is getting more hindmilk before switching to the other, also the milk will not flow as forcefull this way.

Hannah - posted on 12/13/2009




you can try to pump before you feed her.... just enough that your breast arent rocks and try it that way...but store the pumped milk in the fridge or freezer.... and warm compress or even breast shells when shes npt feeding and if its sore when she is eating try breast sheild.... but my milk did this too ... it still does. it will last for a litle but and go away and then come back... good luck

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