Painful blisters on my nipples?!?!

Nicole - posted on 10/16/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I started the breastfeeding process great I thought. It was pain free and wonderful. I did have tiny clear bubbles while I was in the hospital but I thought I just broke suction incorrectly, no big deal. Athome, my lo wanted to nurse all the time and I let her. She was only 6.6lbs at birth. She would fall asleep quickly and sleep/suck but never wanted to come off, like she was still hungry so I would let her stay on for hours sometimes. After a week I had more blisters and was started to feel pain. I went to an LC and thought we corrected the latch-wrong! I got more blisters, they burst, and it got a lot more painful. The LC then suggested a nipple shield.It hurt just as much to latch her on and my lo lost weight when before she was gaining lots! My lo was not transferring milk and my LC told me to give her formula! My breasts were so engorged and painful. I was told to start pumping and was hardly pumping anything. It was like my abundant supply suddenly dropped because of a few days of not being emptied! I had to rebuild my supply with pumping and fenugreek while also trying to breastfeed through excruciating pain! The LC told me my supply might only partially come back or even not at all! I kept going and got it back though, in abundance! I checked my lo for tongue-tie and was told it was miniscule. I had it snipped anyway which didn't help. My LC kept saying her latch was fine in spite of my blisters and pain and the fact that my lo made clicking and smacking noises and drooled out of one side of her mouth while she fed because she did transfer some milk. I saw the LC at least 10 times. Eventually she said we had thrush with no visible symptoms. We were both treated for 2 weeks and I only pumped to let my nipples heal. Funny thing, pumping actually gave me similar blisters, too, but that changed when I increased my flange size. When I resumed breastfeeding, I thought things were fine. But then there was a blister, and another, and another, along with the pain again! Latch on is worst, gets a bit better during feeding, but then burns like crazy after for a long time! It feels like she is biting and chewing on my nipples! The left is worse. I have large nipples/areola. I think her latch isn't deep enough. Someone said maybe she just needs to grow into it, but she is now 11 weeks and 11lbs. Is it her latch? her mouth size? my over or under active letdown? Everywhere I research says to contact an LC but she says everything is fine! I don't want to give up but I don't know what to do! I had a natural childbirth and this is far more painful. Does anyone have any shared experience and/or advice? I would greatly appreciate any glimmer of hope!


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Ania - posted on 10/19/2011




Did you say your baby makes smacking noises while nursing? if she does then the latch is bad. i would talk to a different LC. My God you are going through so much! Maybe you are just really sensitive. Try Kellymom on facebook and website, maybe you will find something there

Liz - posted on 10/16/2011




Maybe you should talk to a different LC? She might be able to give you some different advice/insight. Also, have you tried lanolin? Rub that on your nipples whenever you feed the baby, or whenever they are sore and it might help. I know whenever I had any pain I would use the lanolin and it would take the pain away within a few hours, and also start to fix whatever was causing my pain. When you nurse, it shouldn't feel like she's chewing on you. If it does, then she's not latching right. Also, she might just be chewing on you if she's not really hungry, but she's used to using you as a pacifier. That would cause pain. I hope everything gets better! Good luck!

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