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Joy - posted on 04/10/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter is close to 8 months old. We are slowly introducing solids so she's not completely breastfed anymore, but she can have the breast as much as she wants. Lately she's developed a couple of habits that have not helped our breastfeeding relationship.

1. While feeding she has been grabbing my breasts with her hands and pulling, twisting and pinching. Very painful - any tips on this?

2. This happened more recently while we were nursing on an airplane so it could be a poor latch since we were cramped in coach. She has a couple of lower teeth and bit me. I didn't remove her since nursing helped her during the flight take off and landing. Now that we're back home, I'm going to see if this behavior continues. Any suggestions for this one if it does?

((#1 was happening prior going on the trip.))

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Joy - posted on 04/19/2010




I haven't tried a toy yet - thanks. I'd also heard not to yell or give a physical punishment so haven't done that.

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My daughter just went through a biting phase. The tooth shaped hole in my nipple just healed. It's painful, but it passes. There are some things you can do. Be careful with yelling or using physical punishment. This can scare you daughter and cause a nursing strike. I used these tips from and they worked great.

For the grabbing, have you tried giving her something to hold on to? Her favorite toy or you could get a nursing necklace.

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My daughter has bit me a few times not hard but hard enough to hurt. I yelled out she un latched looked at me funny and then went right back on. I think next time I with try another apoch if it happens again.

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My daughter has done the biting thing a couple times, too. I read in a book that if they do that you should immediately break the latch w/your finger, gently but firmly say "no", and then make them wait a few seconds before allowing them to latch on and continue nursing. I had to do that maybe a dozen times or so, and my daughter hasn't bitten me again since. It worked very well. (Was hard at times in a way b/c she'd scream like I'd hurt her feelings BEYOND consoling when I broke the latch... but I figured better that than bleeding nipples!)

Tiffanie - posted on 04/10/2010




1. My son did that and sometimes he does that when my milk does not come fast enough. I unlatched him, moved his hands and told him "no that hurts mommy". He doesn't do it so much anymore, it might just be a stage they go through.

2. OUCH! I would have popped my son for that one. Just a gentle tap on the hand or bottom will get them to stop biting you. But on the plane she could have just been scared. Yes, do see if it continues. I know it may sound harsh to some people but the fastest way for a bab/child to learn is to say no and receive punishment, even the lightest form.

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