pierced nipples?

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My sister is 13 weeks pregnant w/her first baby and hopes to breastfeed (yay!!). She pierced her nipples about 4 years ago - that wild woman - but took out the rings 2 months ago. She asked me if "this" would have any effect on her breastfeeding. Having only dealt w/pierced ears and naval, I'm not sure if scar tissue etc would be a problem? Does anyone know anything about this?


Soffie - posted on 01/27/2009




I took my nipple piercing out about 3 weeks before the birth of my son and everything is going well... It is actually easier for him to latch on to that one as appose to the one without the piercing holes.

Meaghan - posted on 01/26/2009




It shouldn't be a problem at all. I pierced my nipples at the end of 2004 and took them out about a year ago. My baby is 4 weeks old, and breastfeeding is going great. The only thing I have noticed is that milk squirts out the sides of my nipples where the rings were when I pump. The place where it really pours out is where one of the rings started to work its way towards the surface, so there was a much bigger hole. Actually, I would say it is probably easier for me to breastfeed and pump since I had them pierced, because the milk comes faster.


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Shanyn - posted on 01/26/2009




It's no big deal. I've nursed two babes well into toddlerhood having had both my nipples pierced several years ago. I took them out a couple of years before getting pregnant. Nipple tissue heals incredibly fast, so it should be no big deal. If she wants more info, the LLL website has a whole section on moms who want to breastfeed with previously or currently pierced nipples. Pass along our congrats!

Dawn - posted on 01/26/2009




it should be fine as the holes should have healed by the time babys born, she could ask her midwife though if shes worriedx

Crystal - posted on 01/26/2009




It shouldn't be a problem, if she healed ok and they were done properly, (through the nipple not the aeriola) I've had friends who haven't had a problem with it. Have her talk to her ob/gyn about it as well so see if they can feel any scar tissue that may disturb the flow of milk. If there is problem with it, THAT I don't know what they could do, but I'm sure in this day and age there is something!...Tell her congrats and good luck.

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