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My daughter is 10 weeks old, and since the very beginning she has always been SUPER gassy and fussy. Not saying that she is unhappy she is happy smiley and cooing whenever she is not what I believe is painful cries. We have tried her on Zantac, Colic Calm, Gripe Water and Mylicon. She has gotten better on the fussy side (now only crying 4-5hrs a day), but before she has a bowel movement or toot she SCREAMS and screams like someone is stabbing her. Also, lately she is having 2-3 bowel movements one day then skipping a day and then 2-3 in that kind of pattern for a little over a week. Her stools are NOT hard or any sign of constipation. I am solely using breastmilk; breastfeeding when I am home and 2 bottles while I'm at work. Please, any suggestions would be appreciated! I am tired of feeling like I am helpless when my baby screams.


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What colors are her poos? If they are green and frothy I would suspect foremilk/hindmilk imbalance which can result in a gassy, fussy baby. What time of the day is she fussy? My daughter was always super fussy in the evenings and we would cluster feed. I would offer her the breast about every hour from around 6-10p (her fussy time).


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Tasha - posted on 02/26/2011




It's normal for a breastfed baby to go even a week without a stool. Have you tried lil baby exercises? Pressing her knees to her chest to help push out some gases, or bicycling her legs, rolling them around. Rubbing her tummy in an upside down U from hip to hip. This also helps to move gasses through the intestines. When you notice her start to strain to poo, put her kind of over your shoulder so her tummy is right on your shoulder. Let gravity take course and help for it move its ways through her body. Like Sara said also, she may be getting too much hind or foremilk. Check out to get more information about that as well.

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