plz ladys help..its only day 6 and my breast milk is already reducing..wat can i do....

Lindsey - posted on 05/30/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




i breast feed my other son for 7 months ab ut this time my milk is not much and im only getti g 20 mls every 2 hoursa and its only day son is in special care so he is not with me at home


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Charu - posted on 06/08/2012




you know it may sound funny but think about your baby when you pumping it really helps.before pumping massage your breasts gently you will see the results.drink water and eat fenugreek seeds half a tablespoon every morning and evening with water.there wont be any side effects dont worry and use madela breast pump all this helped me hope this will do some good for you too.

Alissa - posted on 06/04/2012




go to and look at articles relating to increasing milk supply and exclusive pumping, it has many suggestions.

I got a paper from the hospital from lactation nurses about exclusive pumping. here are some of the suggestions:

1. Pump ever 2 hours during day and 3 hours at night. Pump both breasts for 15 minutes even if nothing comes out.

2. To boost supply here are two methods:

a. POWER PUMPING: once a day- pump 10 min on, 10 minutes off, 10 min on, 10 min off for one hour.

b. Begin pumping every two hours around the clock.

you should see results within 2-3 days

Amy - posted on 05/30/2012




Definitely start pumping round the clock if you aren't already. Also make sure you are drinking lots of water and staying hydrated. I know there were days when I didn't drink enough water and it definitely impacted my supply

Celeste - posted on 05/30/2012




Pumping isn't an indicator of supply. Average output is 1/2 to 2 oz total. However, a few questions.

-You said you're pumping every 2 hours, which is great. Are you pumping at night too?

-What kind of pump do you have?

Valeria - posted on 05/30/2012




If u dont have a double breast pump, get one, medela is good. Try to pump every time after you feed your baby, even if nothing comes out you get the stimulation. Whenever I'm drying up, I do this and in a day or two I make enough milk for two babies! I hope this helps

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