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How can you tell if a 3 month old, breastfed baby has diahrea? She always has pretty runny poop and still goes two or three times a day, but today she went 4 times and made an aweful mess each time. She also has had a hard time with nursing and seems to have an upset stomach. Also, how can you tell if they are getting dehydrated?


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With diarhea it is usually a dark green color and very smelly, at least that was how my daughters was when she was sick. WIth dehydration you can have quite a few symptoms, not enough wet diapers is a main one, and if the soft spots on their heads are sunken in then they are severly dehydrated, if it ever gets to that point I would take her to the hospital. Have you tried changing the position you nurse her in? Maybe she needs a position where she is more upright, having her sit on your lap might help, or make it so she's half propped on a pillow lying sideways.

My daughter wasn't much of a burper either, she actually burps more now that she has solid foods then when she was just nursing. I could never burp her either, she would always burp herself by trying to sit up or have her stand up with support.

Regina - posted on 06/19/2011




she isn't much of a burper. it's actually pretty rare for her. i try nd try and nothing comes out. but when she does it's quite the belch

Marissa - posted on 06/19/2011




As long as she is having wet and dirty diapers, she should be getting enough to drink. With BF babies, it is definitely hard to tell if they have diarrhea. I wouldn't worry too much just because she went an extra time or 2 and it was a "blow out"!! My son did that until nearly 6 months. My daughter only did that a couple of times. She would actually goes days W/out pooping. Both situations are normal. Keep an eye out for fever and make sure she is still burping. As long as there is no mucus or blood in the poop, she should be fine. As always though, trust your instincts and if you feel she is ill, call the Dr. ( BTW, my son BF til 9 months and my 8 month old daughter is still BF)

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