pregnant and fears of not being able to breasfeed again

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My fiancée and I habe just found out we are expecting our first child together (his first and my fourth) I had mastitis with my third child when she was 3 weeks old and struggled to 7 weeks and had to give up. I first got it in the right boob then when I got antibiotics it gave me thrush on both nipple...mainly through transfer from baby which then led to mastitis on both boobs. That was nearly 8 years ago and im now worried that it will return and I will not be able to breastfeed. Mli struggled emotionally with having to quit breastfeeding as my mum at the time had just had a mastectomy and now this time round she is no longer here. I worry I won't be able to breasfeed as it is so important to me to do so.

Can any other mothers out there who have had mastitis help on whether it will return or how to prevent it from returning.

I know ive got a long way to go as im only 5 weeks but I need to start preparing now if I can't breastfeed (mentally prepare)

Thanks mums x


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Katherine - posted on 12/20/2013




I'm so sorry about your mom; that's really hard. And mastitis is absolutely the WORST and can definitely cause a lot of issues for moms. Breastfeeding is such an emotional thing for us; I was shocked to discover just how emotionally attached I was to it when it got to be time to think about weaning.
After having my son, I got mastitis right after I returned to work (around 7-8 weeks). I spiked a very high fever and had to go on antibiotics. It worried me that it would keep recurring but that is the one and only time I suffered with it during my 14+ months of nursing. Often mastitis is a result of blocked ducts or oversupply. Try not pumping in the early weeks (if possible) and just letting baby set and regulate your body's supply. If you do get engorged, pump just enough to relieve your discomfort but don't empty the breast. This will prevent blocked ducts but NOT send the signal to your body to make more milk; you want to avoid overproduction if at all possible. If you are unlucky enough to develop mastitis again, try taking a probiotic along with your antibiotic. This should help promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the body and prevent thrush from developing.
Other than that, it's probably just plain old luck. I know some women who have never had issues with mastitis or ducts and some who had recurring issues. Hopefully, you had one bad experience and will be just fine this time around. To my knowledge, there's no evidence that suffering from mastitis with one baby means you will have the same issues with another. Good luck!

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