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Is there anything I can do to produce more milk? I'm always afraid I'm not going to be able to pump enough milk.


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Keely - posted on 11/16/2008




Eating oatmeal in the morning will not only make your milk supply increase but also be more filling and nourishing. Mashed taters will do the same. there are some organic herbal teas out there you can drink as well. But if you are worried there is not enough, pump/nurse more often and your body will respond

Kerian - posted on 11/16/2008




the fenugreek really orks, but you gotta take like 6 to 8 tablets a day to really see a difference. i also pumped after baby nursed for about 10 mins and that really increased my supply.

Chanmi - posted on 11/15/2008




When my daughter was a newborn, I was also worried about my milk supply. Since she was jaundiced, I had to supplement with formula because I was not producing enough milk. I have tried two things upon recommendation from my lactation consultant and pediatrician. I have taken Fenugreek tablets ($7), which you can find at GNC. I have also taken More Milk Plus liquid herbal extract ($20). It's more expensive than the Fenugreek tablets, but it seemed to work better for me. Since I was worried about my milk supply, I was willing to invest in it. It really has a strong taste, but if you combine the single dose with a few ounces of water, it sort of waters down the taste.

This is the link for the More Milk Plus

Are you only pumping? If not, then I wouldn't worry too much about your milk supply. Your baby will get the right amount of milk from you. If s/he wants more, then your body will respond to his/her needs. I read that babies will suck longer or more frequently at certain stages to get your body to increase your milk supply to meet their needs.

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