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Projectile after feedings normal?

Cynthia - posted on 08/23/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




I'd like to say for starters this is not my first time breastfeeding. I breastfed my first daughter 21months ago for 9months. See the problem is my youngest is now 2 months and has been throwing up a lot since we came out of the hospital. I think it acid reflux but the doctor says its normal for a child to spit up. I told her its not spit up its a lot of throw up. I asked her if it could be my breast milk and she said no breast milk is good for her and as long as she's gaining weight she isn't worried. I also asked the people at the WIC office and they said the same thing. 'Its bothering me cuz I can not use bibs or burp rags to catch it and wipe cuz they will be soak I'm literally using receiving blankets. I was just wondering if any other mommies had this issue? Could it be something I'm eating? Could it be my breast milk in general? What do you recommend I do?


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Yep. Having that exact same issue with my second. My first had reflux. It wasn't severe enough to cause weight issues, but it made her extremely fussy. My second spits up/vomits way more than my first, but she's generally a happy baby so I'm not too worried. It's not your milk. Your milk is the best thing for her. I have heard many moms say that cutting dairy helps with spitting up. You would have to cut all dairy and it takes 2-3+ weeks for all of the proteins to be out of your system. Does she cry like it hurts when she spits up? Another issue could be an overactive letdown. Does she gag, choke or pull off often while feeding? When your milk comes out too fast babies tend to swallow a lot of air and that gas can cause lots of spitting up. Here's more info:

My right side seems to be more forceful than my left. So my 5 week old tends to spit up more after that side. I try to burp her frequently during feeds and even pull her off during the letdown and wait until the flow slows before I put her back on. Hope some of this helps!


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Aleks - posted on 09/01/2011




Oh, how easy a doctor prescribes zantac......please be aware that this med is for short term use only (some have used it for months on end and caused long term tummy issues)

I would try modifing your diet - that HAS to be better than offering chemicals to such a young baby.

Please, look into food intollerance issues..... it may save you and your baby a lot of health issues.

Both my babies were dairy intollerant. The second was also soy intollerant and now we are fining that she is also senstive to yeast.

She did not projectile vomit, but had spit ups (which we did not react to cause like every one else we thought they were "normal", even thought she did seem pained by them). She also seemed a bit gassy and had other intestinal/bowel issues. Once we eliminated dairy a lot of her fussiness stopped. Her intestinal/bowel issues greatly improved. Her spit ups STOPPED completely, and only reappeared if I had consumed dairy inadvertedly.

While for the moment your daughter is treated with zantac I would go and speak with someone regarding elimination diet to see if your LO is by any chance intollerant to any of the most common trigers. ( dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, corn, gluten etc). If no food intollerance, well you tried to find answers... but have not lost anything.

If you find your culprit, that is great and able to help her more naturally than pumping full of chemicals. These intollerance are more common than thought (and a lot more often going undiagnosed, while presenting most commonly as reflux and irritable bowel syndrome).

Look, I was what they would term now GERD baby, though there was no such term when I was little. To be honest I believe I too was dairy protein intollerant (though there was no common knowledge of this back then). When a toddler and pre-schooler I was affraid to eat certain things because I was scared of throwing up (I obviously had been scared by it by then), which I was still to do now and again at that age. And the one thing I remember the most is how much I hated milk! I hated to drink it plain, with cocoa, especially hated with porrige like cereal. It would make me want to gag every time. I hated the way it made me feel when I was drinking it. So, I am a great believer that persistant stomach and bowel issues are frequently as a result of some kind of food/diet disagreement.

This is just me 2cents worth, good luck and I hope that your baby gets better soon.

Cynthia - posted on 08/31/2011




Thanks everyone I took her to the childrens hospital emergency room because she ended up throwing up with blood and they said she irritated her GI track by throwing up so the diagnosed her esophagus reflux. Now they prescribed Zantac twice a day.

Mia - posted on 08/27/2011




My almost 6 week son is exactly the same, he threw up the entire feed this morning. He seems to be worse when I am fuller. I have a crazy let dow he pulls himself off until it settles, even with me pulling him off for a break & burp he can still throw up. He spits up too but we've had quite a few large vomits, so far not causing weight gain issues but he's on losec for reflux. I'm seeing my paed this week, which is what I suggest you do before cutting things out of your diet too drastically. Also check with a lactation nurse for tips on overactive let down, which I'll be doing again also. I have a good supply & when he's stretched his feeds out he tends to vomit also as he takes too much in because he's so hungry. I've washed my dressing gown 4 times this week from him throwing up on it!

My older boy had reflux also and milk protein allergy but he was 5months when we found this out & he didn't throw up as much as my baby does now so food allergies etc may not always be the issue. Go get a second opinion if you're not satisfied with the doctor you saw, you need to find a doc that will listen & not regurgitate back to you about what they class is "normal", cause honestly who is?! Good luck!

Amy - posted on 08/26/2011




Throw up and spit up is normal. If it is projectile vomiting, then I would see the pediatrician. That's what my sons doctor told me

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