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Every time I try to pump I can only get about an ounce of milk out. I have a medella pump in style. Any tips?


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Vanessa - posted on 04/01/2009




I have the same pump and I had the same problem. I think the let-down speed on this pump lasts for about 2 minutes. I go through that and then let it pump at a speed that almost hurts, but not quite...after about 5 minutes I hit the let-down button again. This almost always works for me. And I always keep a picture of my son next to the pump.

Someone said never to pump after your child eats, but for me that's not true. If I pump right after he eats I usually get quite a bit of milk because he's already caused the milk to letdown and he almost never eats completely on both sides.

I've never thought about recording his cry...but I think I will have to try that!

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I used that pump and loved it. Make sure you are very relaxed and letting your milk flow. try to really relax every muslce in your breasts and it will work better, make sure you have the suction turned up that helps too. I loved my pump it worked great. got about 4 oz out of each side.

Alison - posted on 03/31/2009




I returned to work when my first was 10 weeks and then again when my second was 8 weeks. I nursed my first until she was 16 months and told me "no boobie mom." The second... 7 months and counting. Having spent a lot of my time pumping at work I will tell you that Monday AM is always better than Friday at lunch.
I had poor supply with both.... long story... and supplemented with both from 5 weeks on.
I never got more than 2 oz. on one side and most of the time got about an ounce each side each pump. A couple of things that I found helpful

Pump both sides at once. A pumping bra is a must if you are going to be pumping often.

Massage your breasts while pumping. It sounds weird but really helps with let down.

Record your baby's hungry cry on an MP#3 player and play it at the beginning pumping and during if you need another let down

Keep current pics around. It was really help to look at your little one (cute by the way.) If you feel comfortable, take a pic from your vantage point while nursing, look at that, it can really help let down.

If the room you are pumping in is cold, use one of your baby's blankets (one that smells like them) to cover up. Also, heating packs (the reusable ones are great) placed on your chest above your breasts while you pump can really help relax.

Lastly, keep in mind, every ounce counts and no matter how much you get, it is one less once of formula that your baby will get. It is all good.

Happy pumping mom!

Kristel - posted on 03/31/2009




Sabrina, I would definitely try pumping in the morning before the baby gets up -- that is by far my best pump of the day. Other than that, keep pumping. Over time, your milk supply will increase and you will get more milk out of each pump. At least, that has been my experience.

Nicole - posted on 03/31/2009




I am just starting to pump for my daughter who is 3 months old so that I can go out. and for a little while without her.  I have the medela pump in style also. I seem to get more milk if I pump right before she needs to eat. Like if she eats every 3 hours at like 2 1/2 hours Ipump. You should be able to get more that way. Don't ever pump right after the baby eats because you won't get anything and its just a big waste of time. Hope this helps :)

Bekki - posted on 03/31/2009




It can be pretty frustrating at first- I went through the same thing you did.  The biggest tip I can give you is to pump first thing in the morning- the body tends to produce more milk then. Also, keep in mind that what you're pumping isn't an indication of how much you're producing- babies are the best pumps in the world, and really, nothing else comes close.  Just keep at it, and don't worry... are you building up a supply for returning to work?  Or for just in case?  If it's not necessary right away, give yourself a little break until your munchkin is a little older and you're already producing more.  Good luck to you!

Kelli - posted on 03/31/2009




Don't be discouraged with an ounce of milk... I've been pumping on and off to store breastmilk all along, and my baby is almost 6 months old, and sometimes I don't even get an ounce!  Sometimes I get 4 or 5 ounces!  For me it varies a lot and sometimes there doesn't seem to be much explanation.  If the baby is sleeping (either at night or daytime naps) for an extended period I would try pumping while he sleeps.

Becky - posted on 03/31/2009




I have several sugjestions- Some pumps work better for some people than others. I use a "mipump" brand pump I got @ target cost me about 80 bucks.  I like it a lot- portable, can plug in or run on batteries. I started pumping after about 2 weeks home, inverted nipples and to help my milk come down more.  Went back to work after a month and pump regularly now. A few things that helped me. Dont be discouraged cause my pumping experience totally started out that way.

- Pump on one side while my son nursing on the other, somehow helped to let down better with the pump and also helped my supply. Its a mental thing as well as physical thing

-Try pumping at night, i know it stinks cause you're already up so much with the baby and breastfeeding.  I feel that my sleepy state seems to help me let down quickly and efficiantly. Im also not so concious of the "machine" part of it. you could try the same thing, while nursing on one side.

-Also try just little bits of pumping at a time, like 5 minutes, then stop. But pump more frequently, several times throughout a day. Dont be discouraged by only a little milk!

I did all these things initially beginning my routine of pumping and they all seemed to help me get used to it. Your nipples will be sore, obviously, but a little lanolin will help. I dont know if they are the "correct" things to do, but I have had good results. Im now on a schedule where i pump before work, after work, and during the night. Especially now that he has a 6 hour gap of sleep at night, i seem to wake up anyway, I pump at the missed feeding and now have an abundance of yummy milk for Daddy and Grandma to feed while I work!!  Good luck and I hope this will help you!!


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