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I am pumping to feed me baby boy, we have not ever been able to actually breastfeed together. He is 7 weeks old. I have a BIG fear of "drying up"! I have to admit I don't pump EVERY 3 hours, and at night..I go from midnight until sometimes 9am without pumping. If I go a long time I always get alot of milk. I always pump until there is no more milk coming out. I don't even time it anymore I just pump until it's dry. I have a GREAT pump Medela double pump. The least amount I pump at one time is about 3-4 oz from both sides, the most I have pumped at once is 17oz....but I went a long time between. I am just really worried about drying up. I don't ever want to give him formula. I have nothing against people who feed their kids formula, I just don't want to! If anyone has any realistic advise for me I would love to get some tips. I say realistic because when I was told I HAD to pump every three hours...I tried and it's not feasible all the time....I don't want to get frustrated and give up! I REALLY don't want to be forced to give up becasue I dried up... please help with any tips or reassurance you may have for me :) THANK YOU FOR HELPING!


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you really need to pump as often as baby would feed. it really is the only way to keep your supply up. especially with pumping considering the following

a baby will always get more from you then the pump will

the baby's suckling will stimulate milk production much better than your pump.

its supply and demand. usually after birth, from what i can tell and my own experience, there is usually alot of milk ! once your hormones even out, and demand regulates the supply, things change.

the best way to reduce your supply is by leaving milk in the breasts, so going long times between pumping tells your body you dont need all that milk, and it will slow production, or stop it at certain times of the day ( like overnight) because you are not requiring that supply.

i used to be able to pump ridiculous amounts in the first 2 2-1/2 months in addition to feeding directly from the breast, but all that changes once your body figures out just how much it needs to meet the stimulation demands.

exclusively pumping i have read can be very difficult and takes dedication.

i read ALOT and research alot.

pump as often as your baby eats, and then some is what i read most often from pumping mothers.

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