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My child is 12 weeks old and he is a very big boy! he is already over 14lbs i'm not sure at the moment of his exact weight. But he eats a lot and i just don't feel like i'm pumping enough out. when i do sometimes i'm only getting 2oz or maybe three in the mornings after he eats, i am a full time mom and when i pump at work i can get about 4oz out of each side but my child eats anywere from 4 to 7oz. My husband gives him 4oz and then he is still very hungry so he gives him more. I'm determined to breastfeed for a year if i can. So i guess i'm asking if there is a way i can get more milk to come it or is it possible i can start somehow suplimenting him with something so he gets full? I just have to work so hard to get milk out and he bairly makes it through the day on what i am able to give him.


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make sure you have a good pump, with my first i could only get a tiny bit of milk out but now I have a better quality pump i get a whole bottle in one go!
Also pumping moreften will increase your supply. or go see a naturopath or herbalist to give you some herbs which will increase milk production. Make sure your eating really, really well and drinking HEAPS of water.

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I was lucky enough to be a stay at home mom but I still needed to get my supply up. I was always told it was best to pump first thing when you wake up,that's when you should be at your fullest. Also you can try pumping while you are nursing him. The supply and demand for that would say you needed to produce more than. I have also heard that some would pump every hour or 2 to keep supply up.....Yes make sure you are getting enough water,close to 100 oz a day. Have you tried the warm shower than pumping or massaging your brest before pumping?? You could have a little clog. Think if you try to suck an ice chip threw a straw and it's stuck what would you do... Also the herb Fenugreek works..I found when I had was falling behind when I would take 3 pills and than about an hour or so later took anouther 3 you would not believe how much fuller you will be. Also if you took 3 and waited 30 minutes before taking a shower you should put out some as well,at least it worked for me.

I hope this helps you in any way. Just relax,drink water and REST!!

Supply and Demand........

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I was never able to get anything out after feeding my daughter so that the fact you still get some I would say your output is pretty good. My daughter is a year old and still bf'ing, I also work full-time. There were days that I was able to pump enough for the following day and there were days that she had to have a bottle of formula. I'm not saying you should give formula but I knew I had to work and that the pump just wasn't as efficient as she was so we supplemented on the days I didn't have enough. My daughter was in the 80th percentile for weight at one point. I made it a point to bf whenever she was hungry when I was home to keep my supply up.
As far as what your producing 12 weeks is about when they start hitting another growth spurt so that may be why your husband has to offer more then 4 ounces. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day, you should see in increase of what you pump if you keep yourself hydrated. You can also try taking fenugreek to try and increase your supply. You don't say if your baby is sleeping through the night but if he's sleeping 6 hours you could set you alarm and pump in-between night feedings, sleep was to precious for me so I didn't do that. Good luck!

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