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Shenea - posted on 11/09/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I need to start pumping and saving up my milk for when I start back to school. Right now I am only able to pump about 1 1/2 oz to 2 oz max and I only do that once a day. On the days I pump my daughter becomes really fussy when she eats, like maybe she's not getting awhole lot. I wonder if I'm taking away from her when I pump? I'm still really confused how to go about this I've asked and asked what's the best for me to do and I'm still not getting any advice that is really helping.


Carolyn - posted on 11/09/2010




try pumping after she is done eating. especially in the morning, apparently its when your hormone levels that produce milk are at their peek.

if she is sleeping through the night, you could set an alarm and pump in the middle of the night. its a pain but its extra milk.

you could nurse her off one breast and pump the other at each feed if she is satisfied with just one. this might boost your supply so becareful, unless your willing to keep up with regular pumping you dont to over boost !

your breast will fill at the rate they are emptied, so if you feed her then squeeze out another ounce or 2, your body will start making more milk, thinking your daughter is feeding more. just remember supply and demand. some women need visual stimulus ( picture of their baby, or looking at their baby, or smell works too, smelling a blanky your baby uses , or even just close your eyes and imagine nursing) to gelp get milk flowing. and remember you have multiple let downs. so keep pumping for a few minutes after the milk has stopped flowing, you may get another let down, or you might signal the body to make more milk.

just remember , the milk that satisfies your daughter today may not cut it 3 months from now. you can also pump while you are at work, as you will need to pump to maintain your supply if you want to keep nursing while at home weekends and evenings. so dont stress to much about filling up the freezer, just get enough to have a back up supply and pump during your work day. remember you have the right to pump at work !

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