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Let's Go >> I doing something wrong???

Luisa - posted on 02/09/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My boy is 4 months old. This week I am trying to pump for the first time, but no milk comes out. I have heard that I am supposed to pump right after a feeding, the same breast that I just finish emptying....but its empty! I was told by the breastfeeding clinic that you are not supposed to pump the other breast, as it needs to be full for your baby for his next feeding...not sure what to do...any suggestions???


Tammy - posted on 02/09/2010




I never pump from the same breast i just finished feeding from, only if i want to boost my supply by the extra pumping. Most mums that try this will get none or maybe half an ounce at best. You can try pumping in between feeds for example, if your bub feeds every two hours, pump at the one hour mark. Or, pump after he's been asleep for the night for a couple hours. In the morning when you are at your fullest is also recommended. This has worked for me. Also, remember that how much milk you get out is an inaccurate measure of how much your little man is getting, as a baby is far more efficient at extracting milk than a pump.

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Lucy - posted on 06/22/2011




Some women just find it more difficult to pump... But have you tried using a different pump, or expressing by hand? It may be that your pump isn't very effective...
But I would absolutely pump from the fuller breast. At 4 months old, I doubt he is feeding often enough for it not to have time to fill up again, and the more you take out, the more it produces anyway :)

Nan - posted on 06/19/2011




I successfully breast fed 3 children. I was NEVER able to express more than an ounce, sometimes 2 ounces if I was lucky. Babies are much more efficient at getting milk out than machines

Joni - posted on 02/10/2010




When I first started pumping I didnt get anything either. And when I started getting some milk it was only a half an ounce or so. I pumped after each feeding on each side for 10 minutes to get my supply up (for a few weeks). Now I pump after hes gone to sleep and in the morning after his first feeding.

Jessi - posted on 02/09/2010




I also pump the opposite of the breast I give my son and they fill up before his next feeding.

Elise - posted on 02/09/2010




I would pump from the other breast.. I imagine that the one that was just emptied will fill by his next feeding. I usually have no problem doing this.. I even feel the milk beginning to fill in the breast I had just emptied while pumping the other one.

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