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Kim - posted on 02/24/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am a first time mom and have returned to work and want to keep my baby on breastmilk as much as possible. I have been pupming and freezing, and I have a couple of days worth in the freezer. I am thinking about stopping the freezing and just pumping enough for the next day. I am only working part time 3 days a week so I can pump on my off days to make up for the days I work.

When pumping, how do you know your done and its time to stop? Also, if I get more than what I need for one day, how do I store the extra? How long is it good for in the fridge? How long does it normally take for frozen milk to become thawed? How long after it is thawed can you use it, and when do you start counting that time? When you take it out of the freezer or once its thawed?

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Lauren - posted on 02/25/2009




8 hours at room temperture, 24 hours in the fridge once defrosted, 6weeks in a freezer and 6 months in the deep freezer.


I personally pump until nothing comes out anymore than switch sides and do the same. But I never pump longer than 25mins on each side.  for storing it I use either my ice cube trays with the lids from tupperware or i use the Playtex standard pre-sterilized disposable liners with a twist tie. When thawing them i boil the kettle and poor the water into a mug half way and play the bags into it thaws them in no time.


Good luck!

Lauren - posted on 02/25/2009




I always pump for 15 minutes.  Don't really have a reason - just do.

Storage: I was taught the 5 rule at my breastfeeding class.  5 hours at room temp., 5 days in fridge, and 5 mo. in freezer.

When I thaw out milk I give it about 24 hours to thaw and use it within 24 hours after that or asap.

Different people/websites have different rules?

Shannon - posted on 02/25/2009




I work three days a week as well... and personally, I am unable to pump enough each day to supply my son for the next day, I only get about 8oz and I need 18oz... so, we had to add in some formula. However... on my days off, I also pump. I pump 4oz containers (I use Avent Via) and freeze them twice a day. Come Monday when I have to go to work, I have the 8oz I pumped the day before, and I pull a 4oz from the freezer, defrost it and add in 6oz of formula. Place it in a large pourable container in the fridge and my hubby then pours about 5 to 6 oz in a bottle and warms in the warmer...

Once you defrost it... 24 hours is the rule for those as well....

Kelsey - posted on 02/25/2009




in the fridge its good for 24 hours. in a freezer You can have it in the for up to three months. in a deepfreeze you can have it there for Up to six months. all You have to do to unthawe it is run it under hot water till it thawed then heat it up that why.it can take up to five minutes but it shouldn't take that long. once its thawed you can put it in the fridge for Up to 24 hours

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