Pumping working mom struggling to keep up with hungry baby

Nataschasreilly - posted on 08/07/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




I'm a working breastfeeding mother of a 5 month old. I'm starting to have difficulties pumping enough to keep up with my babies needs. I'm able to pump at work but not as often as I need. Also I used to get much more milk in one pumping. I'm trying to avoid formula. Any suggestions?


Sally - posted on 08/20/2012




Ways to increase your supply include oatmeal, a glass of dark beeer, assorted herbs many of which come in premixed Mama's milk teas, and drinking enough water.
Ways to increse pumping effieciency include getting the absolute best pump you can afford, doing both breasts at the same time, spending a couple minutes massaging your breast before you start, and thinking about your baby while you pump. Looking at a picture of your baby or smelling some of their used clothing can really help the thinking about your baby.
If those don't help, are you willing to maybe fight your boss to get your baby what it needs? Almost all states have laws requiring work places to give nursing mothers as much pumping time as they need. They don't have to pay you for that time and they can make you come in early or stay late to make it up, but they HAVE to let you get your babies milk out. (If I'd have known that when I was pumping for my oldest, life would have been immeasurably easier.) Look up the laws in your state and politely demand your rights.
Also the older your baby gets, the less often they may need to feed. If you can nurse them more while you're home, they will need fewer bottles while you're gone.
Good luck

Mona - posted on 08/15/2012




1- try to pump in the middle of the night, 2-3 am, if u r not feeding at that time.
2- try fenugreek... caps or tea...

Angela - posted on 08/15/2012




I would call the lactation consultant at the hospital you delivered at and talk to her. They can be a huge help. Have you tried herbs yet? My LC recommended herbs to me because of low milk supply and I have seen a big difference since I started them. I'm using a tea from http://www.breastea.com and it works great. Just make sure to drink daily.


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Nataschasreilly - posted on 08/16/2012




Thank you all for your suggestions.

I'm drinking milk-boosting tea and taking fenugreek supplements. Right now I'm on vacation so I'm able to bank a bunch of milk to help out when the school year begins in earnest (I work in education).

I've been pumping at night (3-4 am) and get better higher volumes when he stays asleep (well, duh... I know).

I haven't spoken to a lactation consultant yet but will if I start falling behind again in my milk-bank.

Thank you all again! :-)

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