Question for mothers who have weaned their babies

Sara - posted on 09/13/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I breastfed my baby for a year and would have gone longer but decided to go on a low calorie diet to help me lose weight. (I lost 80 lbs before I got pregnant with her but during her pregnancy I gained alot and I figured I would lose it during nursing, but acutally put on another 10 lbs!!) So I knew I could not continue nursing my baby and do this diet at the same time, which is why I waited until my baby was one to start. At that point, my little Savanna was only nursing 4 times a day so I replaced 1 feeding a week with a snack and a cup of milk - so I weaned her super slowly (over the course of a month). After I had her fully weaned, the first week my breasts seemed pretty dried up so I figured I had weaned her right. But then out of no where about a week and a half after I had stopped nursing her, I got super duper engorged!!! Especially my right breast. They look almost deformed!!! I am wearing a super supportive sports bra and have been putting cabbage leaves in my bra. It's been a week since this has happened and the engorgement has only slightly gone down. How long will this last? My breasts hurt to even barely touch them. I don't want to pump to relieve the pressure, because I worry that will just draw the drying up process out further. Any advice as to how to help it dry up faster? I figured the low calorie diet would dry it up but it isn't!! Ugh - I swear I'm just ready to cut my breasts off!!! My baby, on the other hand, is doing great and doesn't seem to miss nursing at all, which does make me feel a little better.


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Ashley - posted on 09/13/2009




Well it seems that your in a great deal of pain... I wouldn't recommend pumping..that will just keep producing. Apply cold compresses to your breasts and under your arms can help reduce swelling. Bags of frozen vegetables or a disposable diaper that you dampen and put in the freezer for 20 minutes work just as well as the ice packs. Apply cold compresses for 15-20 minutes off and on for 1-2 hours. If your really engorged and feel the urge to pump I would or take a hot shower to release enough to ease the discomfort... they say if you get too engorged it can cause an infection and/or clogged milk ducts.... Good Luck!!

Megan - posted on 09/13/2009




Congrats and good for you for making it a year! You should be proud of yourself! The weaning process is tricky. Your body has been doing this so long, it takes a bit for it to stop. I weaned my daughter after 15 months. I was engorged for a week or 2. Wear tight sports bras. Don't pump..that sends your body mixed messages. Take warm showers so you can leak some..that helps...have you tried heating pads? If you are still your maternity ward and speak to the lactation consultant. They might have herbal remedies or other suggestions! Good luck, and way to go! Good luck on the weight loss!

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