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Question on possible foods that may be casing some problems.

Havefaith09michaia11 - posted on 05/24/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ok We just moved here not long ago and right before on and a bit after the move we have been eating a lot of microwave dinners, fast food, pizza, and hot dogs. As well as being out.

Well last weds my baby through up it even came out of his nose. He had no feaver and seamed fine the next day witch I keeped him home and watched. Then that Friday he had an appointment for his well child check up and we had some erronds to run and had pizza. On satruday he gaged on his passy and then (spit up almost like through up but not out the nose). He did fine the rest of the night and sunday night he gag on something while being changed and did it again. I had hot doges that day. I am wondering should I cut out all fast food, hot dogs and non home made pizza. He has also not been pooping as regularly and just started to do that yesterday. Or was it just the move that has had an effect on him.


TerraCotta - posted on 05/27/2011




Spiting is normal, as long as baby isn't arching her back or screaming in pain while spitting up. Also after 6 weeks breast-fed babies can poop infrequently (some go as many as 10 days with out pooping) as long as baby soaks 5+ diapers with pee.

A allergic baby usually poops green slimy mucus, or red or black bloody poop... although reflux can be agitated by dairy.

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My daughter did this once. It was scary to see that much coming back up. Hers turned out to be from her swallowing a lot of saliva. Here's some info on how your diet affects your milk:

If you still think it's cause by a food then try keeping a food journal and record when he vomits. That way you can figure out what food it is. Also, it is normal for baby's bowel movement patterns to change. Exclusively breastfed babies can go 7-10 days between poops. As long as baby doesn't have hard, dry pellets when he goes and isn't in pain then don't worry. Babies that go longer between poops may get gassy so a tummy massage or gently bicycling his legs may help with that.


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