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I stopped breastfeeding my son at around one month of age. Now i am in the swing of things and really understand how important breast milk is to a baby, I would like to try to bring back my supply. Has anyone done this? How long does it take and is it honestly worth it?


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Fillipina - Yes it is possible to bring back your milk. But it will take a lot of time and hard work.
First question: will your baby latch on? If your baby will latch on, then using a SNS (supplemental nutrition system) might be a great option for you. Basically you put milk in a container attached to a thin tube, tape the end of the tube near your nipple, and baby nurses directly from you. Your breasts get the stimulation needed to produce milk, and your baby gets fed.
If your baby won't latch on yet, you'll need to use a pump (or hand express). You'll need to pump every 2 to 3 hours. As you start to get some milk back, maybe baby will latch on then.
The key to re=lactating is stimulating the breasts…. frequently. Milk production works on supply and demand. You will only make milk if there is a demand for the milk. Baby nursing, or you pumping creates the demand.

The attached page is a good place to read more info on re-lactating.


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I have helped several mother relactate again. It's not easy but it's always possible once you've produced milk to get it back again. It requires a lot of pumping and expressing and if you still have a baby then let them dry suck.

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Hi I have a problem with breastfeeding, I breastfeed my daughter only for 3months then I stop, now she's 7months and I regret for stopping BF. Is it possible to bring back my breastmilk? How?

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I helped my cousins wife re-lactate. Yes, I would say that it's worth it and honestly, It took her less than 2 weeks but everyone is different. Pumping is a good idea but what we had her do what put the baby himself to the breast (since the stimulation is different) and she supplemented w/formula via a supplemental nursing system until her milk came in and she was able to get rid of the SNS.

Stimulation is the most important tool for you in this journey. Oatmeal can be helpful too. Some will tell you that instant oatmeal doesn't work but it DOES work for some people (works for me :D). So cook it on the stove, eat instant oatmeal, oatmeal cookies, granola- whatever form you want. Make sure you're getting plenty of fluids.

If you need additional help boosting your supply, you can use brewer's yeast (never tried this personally), mother's milk tea (available at health food stores, GNC, or has awesome prices), fenugreek works well and it works even better when combined with blessed thistle- both of which can be found at health food stores or again, vitacost has some awesome prices.

Aside from that- I agree that is an awesome source of information!

Good luck to you!!!

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try picking him up at night when he is sleeping and try to get him to latch on then. he won't feel pressured into nursing and might instinctively latch. it's worth a try

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I have not relactated but, I have assisted my best friend in doing so! We started with fenugreek (you can buy it at HEB, CVS, GNC) it's around $6.00 a bottle. We also bought a manual breast pump. She began pumping. The first 3 days were kind of painful but, totally worth it because by day 5 her milk was really coming in :)

You can do it!!! :) If you have any questions feel free to message me or ask them here :)

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