Recently my 9 month old is really fighting naps and this just a phase and what can I do

Bethany - posted on 09/14/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son as of recently just doesn't want to sleep. He nurses, lays on his side to sleep, and then within a few minutes sits up and wants to go again. Then I prolong his nap and then he gets over tired and just cries! Any suggestions? Is this a normal phase?


Jennifer (Elle) - posted on 09/14/2009




This is normal, he's growing! He doesn't need as many naps as he did a few months ago (although you probably still do!) and he's excited and stimulated by the huge and fascinating world he's just beginning to grasp. If you're rigorously following a schedule now may be the time to reevaluate and set a nap schedule according to when he gets really worn out (you know...that 10 minute window before he gets overtired?) and then whisk him to bed. If he's nursing but then really not sleeping I wouldn't torture yourself (or him) by forcing him to lay there...if he's not into it, he's just not - this may be a phase he'll outgrow (my daughter did). But definitely build in some routine and repetition (which I'm sure you're already doing) while giving yourself room to be flexible.

Hang in there!

Elle Taviv
Post partum Doula, Relationship Coach

Minnie - posted on 09/14/2009




Phase....that will last a while, lol.

It takes time and patience. When my 11 month old does that I explain to her that it's nap time, and we lie right back down to go back to sleep. Lots of repetition. It passes after a few days, then you get a few weeks of good going-to-sleep, then restlessness again.

You could also try wearing him on your back for naps and lulling him to sleep with chores.


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Allison - posted on 09/14/2009




My son is 8 months old i am having the same problem it has been going on about three weeks. I think we have finally gotten him straightened out. Just make sure you be good about keeping a bedtime routine with him or it will just make it even more difficult. A bedtime routine is very important. Goodluck. I know it's rough when they do this but he will grow out of it.

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