RICE Cereal= constipation? I mixed with apple juice and I've tried pear juice.


Rebecca - posted on 01/09/2010




Its not recommended for them to eat anything but breast milk till 6 months. their little bellies arent matured properly to deal with anything else. You dont have to start with cereal, its actually not good to give them too much anyway. The Iron in it is causing deficiensies later on. If its causing a problem, its probably not somehting you sould keep doing!


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Anneke - posted on 01/10/2010




I dont know what age your baby is but from 4- 6 months up you can feed your baby Ellas kitchen- prune,carrot,apple . My son is near 1 and thats what he gets when he hasnt poohed in a few days and it works, its the prune.

Emma - posted on 01/10/2010




I switched to oatmeal/rice cereal and I also give him Oval Drops, problem solved!

Tara - posted on 01/10/2010




I breastfeed her and I was adding it in with the cereal. Thanks moms for the advice. I will cut back on the cereal and try prunes.

Pam - posted on 01/09/2010




Had the same problem too. We made his cereal a bit more runny (more water/milk) and gave him either prunes or prune juice (one tablespoon water one tablespoon prune juice). That helped a lot. The iron of in the cereal is really important for them as their reserve is running low and they really need it for all the growing they are doing. Or as others have suggested - oatmeal.

Ashley - posted on 01/09/2010




How old is ur kiddo? My boys didn't have a bit of cereal of any kind until about 7 and a half months. Their first solid was avacado. The loved it. rice cereal especially is notorious for causing constipation. I personally, would cut the cereal out of his diet for a while, add a breastfeeding session back to your routine, and increase his veggies. Carrots and sweet potato work wonders. Also, a bit of warm water in a sippy can help. Also, a sure fire way to get the poop going again in anyone is pear water. peal and slice fresh pears, simmer until tender, puree the pears for babyfood (also good for constipation or slow bowels). pour the water into ice cube trays and freeze. One or two cubes thawed and served warm should help to get things moving. if this doesn't work you can do the same with prunes and use the prune water. I hope some of this will help ur little one. Good luck.

Jennifer - posted on 01/09/2010




I would look at how thick or thin the mixture is...& I would use BM also. try & make it thinner so there is more liquid in it. when he poops is he straining REALLY bad or is it thick & not the BM poop anymore? as long as it isn't dried little pellets & he isn't in pain then as much as it makes you worry...he's probably fine! Although I would always double check with your dr

Staci - posted on 01/09/2010




Mix the dry cereals with breast milk or formula. My daughter wouldn't take a bottle when I wanted to use up the frozen breast milk and take her off the breast...we mixed it with cereal 4 times a day for 5 months! We found that giving her a serving of the prunes every 3 days or so helped to keep her regular...and if your pediatrician says it's ok, switch to oatmeal and mixed grains - they are less constipating than the rice...

Melody - posted on 01/09/2010




same thing happened to my little one and the Doc said to switch to oatmeal. And also says that babies do not need juice. So maybe ask your pediatrician for advice....good luck

Becky - posted on 01/09/2010




You could also try mixing the cereal with breast milk instead of water if you aren't already. Breast milk has a natural laxative in it. Also can try pureed prunes :-), doesn't take much to clear up constipation.

[deleted account]

Rice cereal (though some will argue) is not as important as some doctors/people will have you believe. Don't worry about laying off it for awhile or altogether if you so choose. There are other sources of iron that are more nutritious in other ways not to mention, easier to digest.

As for constipation, I had a nurse suggest that I first try some pureed yam. Also, avoid the BRAT foods for now (bananas, rice, apples, toast). These are the foods we're told to eat when we have diarrhea. So for a baby who doesn't have diarrhea, too much of these foods can also cause a problem. If yams don't work, then try a tiny bit of pureed prunes. Some babies are more sensitive to prunes than others so if you do try prunes, know that you may have a massive poop coming your way. They worked perfectly for my son though. Made him regular but didn't make him poo like crazy. I was told not to bother with juice. In fact, my son is now a year and has never had a drop of juice.

Erin - posted on 01/09/2010




My son had the same problem so we switched to oatmeal instead...problem solved! ;)

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