Routine, what routine?

Hannah - posted on 10/17/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




Ok, so my first baby was bottle fed, and had a fantastic routine - bottle then nap, bottle then nap, all through the day.

I'm breastfeeding my second which I'm really pleased about, but feeding her on demand still (she's 3 months) and I never really know when she will be hungry or sleepy, have to bring her along with me everywhere just in case!

Any tips, or is it still early days? She is managing a bedtime of around 7pm most nights, and usually sleeps 8 hours, so that routine emerged all by itself (which was FANTASTIC!), will the days sort themselves out too?

What are other people's experiences?


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Alayna - posted on 10/17/2009




My 11 month old still wakes up several times in the night to nurse.

Elmary - posted on 10/17/2009




So glad, Im also a feed on demand mommy. My little guy is almost 7 months now and I couldn't get him to stick to a routine even if I tried(I have several times) When I think he should be hungry he wont eat when I think he shouldn't be he is, this is our day. I'm just glad he prefers BM over solids so I can feed him when he wants to eat no matter where we are or what we are doing.

Lucy - posted on 10/17/2009




My daughter is 6months old and i still feed her on demand, this can be every 30mins or every 4hours depending on what's going on and if we are out and about or just at home. By feeding on demand you can meet your babies ever changing needs.

Laura - posted on 10/17/2009




I've been wondering the same thing, my daughter is 2 months and 2 weeks old and I had been kind of just going with the flow, but lately I've been trying to space out her feeding to every couple of hours. I keep her busy until feeding time, unless she's starving before that, then I'll just feed her and try for another two hours wait. She seems to be fine with that. For bedtime I usually just try to get her to sleep before 10pm and she'll sleep for a good 3-5 hours before she wants to feed again, and the cycle keeps going after that. But really to be honest, I'm starting to think breastfed babies really never do have a steady routine, but I guess I'll have to keep trying and see.

Janice - posted on 10/17/2009




At three months it's a good time to set a schedule loosely. Keep in mind that there will be days when a schedule won't work, growth spurts will demand more feedings but you need to demand sometime for yourself as well. I'm breastfeeding my third child who is almost three months old. She nurses about every three hours but will only take one good nap a day in the afternoon because she sleeps about nine hours a night, I don't complain. My oldest daughter was about the same except for the sleeping at night, until she was about 6 months old five hours at night was about the best we got. My son, completely different, every three hours all night and day long. You have to start slow, put baby off by dirstracting her for as long as you can but don't push it until she's upset. You'll find that you can create a schedule that works best for you and your baby.

Good luck!!

Heather - posted on 10/17/2009




Well, my son is 4 weeks old and I can honestly say we don't really have a routine either...he nurses when he's hurgry and I just have to wait for him to let me know he's hungry. Some days he wants to eat every hour and a half and other days he will go 4-5 hours before he wants to eat again. And he goes to sleep at about 11:30 and he will wake me up at about the only routine we really have is night time...I think it's just that babies are like us, we don't get hungry at the same time every day, so neither do they. I don't know if that was any help, but just know that you aren't alone...I have to take my son everywhere too, because we dont have a routine either :)

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