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I breast-fed my first for 15 months. I loved every minute of it. I noticed a huge lump on my breast after one month of nursing. I went to the doctor and they kept an eye on it. At 9 months they did some tests because the lump went unchanged. The test showed that it was probably a blocked duct and not breast cancer, but they had to do surgery to remove the lump since breast cancer is VERY prevalent in my family. The surgery went fine, but I am left with this large ugly scar on the top of my breast. My husband does not mind at all, and is super supportive about the whole thing.
Now I have my second baby, and am nursing again. I wear many nursing tops, which usually have a v-cut low neck line. I have no problem with a little cleavage. However, my ugly scar shows and strangers think it is my nipple. I get annoyed when people tell me I am falling out, when indeed my scar is showing. I think I want to get a tattoo over the scar so people will leave me alone. I would love to do something to show my support of breast cancer (my mom is currently fighting it, and so is one aunt, and my Grandmother died of it)
Any suggestions.


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You'd have to ask a tattoo artist to be sure, but I was always told that you can't get a tattoo over scar tissue. Maybe around it tho!?


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I've been told that Bio-Oil helps with stretch marks and scars extremely well. I've even seen stretch marks fade with the use of it. I personally wouldn't worry too much about it. If the people are coming up to you and saying your nipple is showing I imagine they were looking a little too closely.

I had to have a reduction surgery and I can totally understand how you feel about the scars themselves. I won't wear certain shirts because you can see the end of the long line that was cut across the base of my breasts (low cut along the under arm or something) and bikini tops are out of the question. I was actually considering getting the bio-oil just for those scars. Maybe that could help?

Jennifer - posted on 01/10/2011




you can get scar tissue tattooed over, but it really depends on the severity of the scar, and age of the scar, and finding an artist willing to do it. many artists won't even consider it until the scar is several years old (at least 5 years is commonly what i've heard).

is the scar dark or has it faded to silvery/white-ish? if it is still dark, i would honestly recommend having a laser procedure to lighten it, rather than have it tattoed over.

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