She hasn't pooped!

Joanna - posted on 10/15/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter hasn't pooped since Tuesday evening when she had a HUGE BM! She is 3 months old, and is exclusively breastfed. She isn't fussy at all, or acting as though she's in pain.


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Kristen - posted on 10/16/2009




babies that are breastfed only can go 10 days without pooping, i know mine had went 14 days, i would bring it up with her doctor, my daughters doctor had me start on juices, prune, white grape, and pear juice, it def. helps. she started juice at 2 months old, and has done good with it, but make sure you talk with her doctor before giving juice, and if she is not real fussy about it i would not really worry about it, when she starts to get fussy you can always try gas drops, like mylicon drops. it helps get rid of the gas in her belly that will help be a little less fussy, another very simple thing just give a bottle of water like 4-5 ounces in between feedings

Ashleigh - posted on 10/16/2009




It is normal for breastfed babies to not have BM as often as formula fed babies. My son sometimes went up to 10 days without a BM and it is perfectly normal and healthy. Just watch out- when they do decide to poop, there is tons...and tons...and tons :)

Lindsey - posted on 10/15/2009




I went to the dr. last week my daughter is 11 weeks and she does not have regular bowel movements every day she will go 2 days sometimes and it makes her very fussy when she farts or passes. But the dr said it is completely normal for her to go a few days 7 days and you should worry or if it is a hard poop! But anyways all they have is liquid and it very normal! but i was freaking out as well. I also noticed if I drank lots and lots of water she would go a little more often

Liz - posted on 10/15/2009




A good friend of mine's b-fed son went 7 days without pooping and was not experiencing any discomfort. She took him to the Dr. to be safe and his belly was soft as well. 7 days later he pooped......2 weeks worth of poop. I wouldn't worry about it, just watch out when she's ready!

Tammy - posted on 10/15/2009




This is perfectly normal. My son is also three months old and is also exclusively bf. He usually goes 11 days without a poop.

Ruxandra - posted on 10/15/2009




when my son who is now 10 months old was about the same age as your daughter, we did a few stretches of not pooping for up to a week. the first time it happened i took him to his pediatrician to make sure it's okay. the doc said that as long as i didn't notice any signs of discomfort not to worry, and that some babies go on for many days without pooping. his reasoning was that the baby is going through a growth spurt and is using all the milk he gets. he said not to worry but to keep watch for signs of discomfort and if there are any to come back to see him.

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