She's drinking what?!?

Myetta - posted on 09/08/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My little angel just started daycare yesterday. She's 4 months and she's at daycare from 6 am till 5 or 5:30. I did a milk intake calculator and it said she would take at most 2.5 ounces per home she nurses every 2 hours, thats when she actually drinks, in between she uses me as a pacifier if I'm not doing anything that I need to move around and what not.
So 2.5 ounces times half of 11...I was thinking like 15 ounces at most...she's only taken a full bottle..and her bottle are 9 ounces.\
Is that alright? Her doctor said I could introduce solids...should I so that she gets more calories during the day? When I do get her home, she is nursing for longer periods of time. Before she was nursing for about 10 on one side, every two hours, the last 2 days, it's been about 20 minutes every two hours and at nights now, where as before she would only use me as a pacifier.


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I would keep track of her weight and wait to introduce solids. I would do avacado instead of banana b/c banana can cause constipation. Is daycare willing to try different methods of delivery? Cup or finger feeding could work for her.
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I am a little confused about how much she will drink and how much you think she should drink ... I would say if she is nursing more at night now, then you need to decide if you are ok with that or not... if not get her to drink more milk at daycare, if you are ok with her getting the majority of her milk at night, do what works....

If you introduce solid foods now it will replace some of your milk...

If you want her to drink more during the day I think 3-4 ounce bottles of breast milk every 3 hours is a pretty typical routine at 4 months. Which if you nurse her in the car right before you leave her and right ater you pick her up/got home would only be 3 bottles. I would put the milk in separate bottles so it doesn't all get heated up at once, since it does go bad after an hour when reheated...

Some people do introduce bananas early so that the daycare could use it as a last resort to tide her over until you could nurse her if they are running out of milk to give her, but I wouldn't do this unless I couldn't pump enough milk to keep her satisifed while you were gone...

Jodi - posted on 09/08/2010




My niece would refuse to take a bottle or solids while her mom was at work, so she just waited until mom got home and nursed like crazy! I would say, if your daughter is only 2 oz shy of your estimation she's doing fine as long as she doesn't lose a tone of weight. I would hold off on solids if possible.
On a side note, my sister had a problem with her daycare not knowing how to properly heat breastmilk. They were using the microwave to heat it which kills all of the good bacteria and immune boosters and compromises the nutrients. I would just make sure they know to heat it up in a pan of hot water to be safe that your daughter is still getting the best possible.
Best of luck! And I'm sure baby is fine in the few hours you're gone!!!!

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