should I be concerned about my 7 month old eating habits??

Christina - posted on 11/06/2008 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am so glad I found this site because I could use some advice. My daughter is 7 months old. Until about a couple weeks ago she breastfed 4 times a day for an average of 20 minutes. Recently however she is only nursing 10-12 minutes 4 times a day. She sleeps through the night and has plenty of wet diapers...I just need some affirmation if this is okay or if I should be concerned. She eats cereal in the morning and has vegetables in the evening. Anyway...if someone has any advice that would really be great!


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Lindsay - posted on 11/07/2008




If sounds like your babe has learned how to breastfeed really well! My little one has always been an efficient feeder - he never nurses longer than about 10 minutes and he's only recently started taking both sides in one session. he's 5 months and has always gained weight really well. I was worried at first, but it really was fine. As long as all the signs you are watching for (diapers, her temperament is the same etc) are good, I'd say you're fine.

Mary - posted on 11/06/2008




Hi Christina! Your daughter is probably just getting part of her feeding needs met by the cereal and veggies, and thus needing less breast milk, and also she is getting older, and perhaps more efficient at getting all the milk she needs out of your breasts. Her wet diapers and good sleeping are, like you know, a good indication that she is being fed adequately. Just follow her signals, if she seems hungry, either nurse her a couple more times a day, or add another serving of vegetables. The thing is, starting solids is the same thing as starting weaning. They go together. The more the baby eats, the less she will nurse, its just laws of nature. :)

My son cut down to just once a day after I had him on several different solids, and I was grateful for just that one a day time to bond with the little active guy, and he did that for another year, and then happily forgot about nursing when I was ready to wean him for keeps at two (now I miss it so much tho! lol) Good luck!

Tiffany - posted on 11/06/2008




hi! i breastfed my son and i found this site to be great help! my son breastfed about every 3-4 hours still at that age. there should be some info on the link about the amount of times your little one should be nursing. hth!

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