should I pump more or less during the day to get more milk at night?

Jin - posted on 12/09/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am away from home from 8am to 7pm, and I pump twice during that time, nurse my baby at night and in the morning. My husband feeds her expressed breastmilk and some solids while I am away. My daughter is almost 8 months old.
6 weeks ago, she started rejecting bottles. She chews and plays with the nipples (we have tried all kinds, sizes), sippy cup stubs, and blows bubbles when we try to feed her with spoons. In short, she doesn't take much liquid, including milk, water, juice during the day, 3oz total if we are lucky. She only eats about 1oz of solids per feeding. I breastfeed her at night after I get home, and I also feed her first thing in the morning.
She seems eating fine when I nurse her, but I am concerned that since I pump out a lot of milk during the day, there would not be enough for her. And usually by the end of the day, I feel less "full". On the other hand, if I don't pump enough I am afraid my milk supply will decrease. I normally pump until both sides are completely emptied out. Should I reduce the amount of milk I pump, or reduce to pump only once to make sure I have more at night? Or it works the opposite.


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Minnie - posted on 12/10/2009




She is reverse cycling. It's perfectly fine for her to have water and solids while you're away as long as you're nursing several times when together. Keep her in bed with you and nurse her during the night.

Milk is made constantly. What you pump during the day is going to affect your supply during the time you are pumping it, not during the night. Your breasts aren't simple buckets that have a day's allotment at 8am and then that's that for the next 24 hours. They're always working.

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Lactation is truly supply and demand - the more you pump the more you will make. Supply is replenished quickly, so pumping that second time won't decrease your supply for later that day, and may be important to make sure you don't start to produce less. She may be drinking less because she is getting enough fluids in her solid food - it seems odd but foods do contain a lot of fluid. Bread is about 80% water for instance. As long as she has at least a few wet diapers a day, she is getting enough fluids. :) When I think I am completely empty and am completely soft, my little one can still get a let down that will soak my shirt, so don't be deceived by feel! Besides, if she is content, she has gotten enough.

Hannah - posted on 12/09/2009




Ok so I pumped for the first two months of my daughters life ( she had latch on problems) and within the last month i have been moving her to just the breast and what i figured is it isnt really how much i feed her . i talked with my lact nurse and she said that breast milk makes up for how little she drinks with how much nutrients are in the amount you give her.

i would continue to pump twice at work. my breast used to be engorged all the time then they stopped and it reallly scared me but i went to my local bf support group and we weighed her when we went in and then i fed her and then weighed her again and she had ate 4 ounces ! and my breast didnt feel full at all ... so dont underestimate your body ... it will make as much as she needs.

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