Should I put him on formula?

Taylor - posted on 02/26/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 8 month old has always been the best nurser but lately he seems to be losing interest, will stop nursing at the smallest sound around him, and just all around does not seem satisfied. The only time he really nurses is at night. I feed him solids 2x a day along with trying to nurse him every 3 hours or so, but he doesn't seem to be full. The last few weeks he has had very solid BMs so I don't know if he is getting hardly any breast milk when he nurses.... I can never get much when I pump, but I've always had difficulties pumping.

Any suggestions? I really love BFing and I don't want to give it up yet, but if my baby isn't getting what he needs should I put him on formula? If so, how do I do that because my stubborn little man refuses to take a bottle.

Any support/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

*I should also add that I have a very active 2 year old as well so nurseing in a quiet room with no distractions is not possible for me =)


Katie - posted on 02/26/2011




It's that age. My daughter was extremely distractable at that age. Now, she's 10 1/2 months, and she's still distractable (nosey) A month or so ago, I was at a wedding shower, and she wanted to nurse so I put on my nursing cover, and nursed her. She was still trying to turn around some because she could hear everyone talking. At one point, she even stopped nursing, sat up, pulled down the top opening (the one you see her through) and looked out to see what was going on. It was so funny. Whoever saw her just started laughing so hard. So I guess she's nosey even with being covered up. I would maybe recommed using a cover so he can't see what's going on. With my daughter, she stays a lot more focused on nursing when she's covered up. If at all possible, a quiet room would be best, but with a 2 year old, you can't lest them alone to nurse the baby. He's not trying to wean most likely. If you gave him formula, your milk supply will diminish, plus you loose out of the bonding that comes along with breastfeeding. Pumping isn't a sign of your milk production. Your baby is much more efficient at milking your breasts than a pump is. I pumped until my daughter was about 6 months, and the most I was ever able to get was 3 oz at a time. (very rarely did I do that though) I would pump twice a day, to have milk to freeze in case I ever had to be away from her. Once I stopped pumping, when I tried to pump again, I could barely get any milk again. I think that my body was used to me pumping 10 min twice a day, then my supply got built up to get milk, but then when I stopped, my body wasn't used to needing the extra milk to pump. Try to nurse him more frequently if he doesn't seem satisfyed. Or maybe you could give him a little more solid food, to make up for him not nursing the best right now until he startes to nurse a little bit better.

Didi - posted on 02/26/2011




My son was extremely distractible at this exact same age and I thought he was trying to warn but he wasn't; they are just so excited at all that they can do (my son was crawling/learning to walk) that nursing takes a back seat. I would offer to nurse more often because even a little suckling is stimulation for your breasts and nurse at night/nap time. This will pass and he'll want to nurse more often when he is a little older.


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Maria - posted on 02/26/2011




I agree with everyone, it's normal and it's the age...I have an older child too and had the same diffuculties, mine decided to nurse more at night to make up for his SHORT sessions during the day (3-4 minutes). I don't think a baby will starve themselves when food is available. I would just let him take the lead and continue offering. This too will pass!

Leanne - posted on 02/26/2011




I agree with everything Katie said! I highly doubt he's trying to wean and definitely would not recommend weaning and putting him on formula. Formula is not the answer. Just offer him the breast more often and give it some time. I also had a two year old when my son was that age but we got through it just fine. And pumping is certainly not an indicator of how much you're making. Just keep it up and everything will be fine!

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