Should i start with formula or do istick it out???

Delenia - posted on 04/03/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




My boy Liam is 16 months now and i breast fed him from day one, he started eating normaly and drinking water at a normal age for it too ,at the moment he is only breastfeeding at night before bed and early morning at about 5:00 (on and off sometimes he wants to drink before his morning or afternoon nap too, but then i dont realy have enough for the night feed or so it seembs cause he will tug at me and get frustrated as though he isnt getting anything out, and will almost surely wake at night for somemore?? i have been through this dip of him looking like he is ready to stop breastfeeding & my breasts also slowing down because of it, then after a month or two he will start up again & it was fine but i find my breasts are not keeping up as well also keen to try for a second baby soon (as im already 35 & my husband 41) anyone eals going through the same thing?? ive tried formular 3x now and he seembs happy to drink it but it doesnt realy stop him from waiking at night although he doesnt wake to drink then, its more just to be with us!! what should i do???do i start feeding him a bottle at night and just do morning breastfeeds...or will this just result in my milk totaly dring up on me, im alittle afraid of formula alot of people say its not good for u`r baby!?...


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Well done on breastfeeding this far! It is good for Liam and you to continue breastfeeding until he is at least two, in terms of nutrition, immunity, preventing disease in later life etc, so if you find it acceptable to continue to breastfeed when he wants it then do. At 16 months they are so keen to explore and try new things and assert their independence that it is normal for him to be on and off the boob. If you only feed him breastmilk from your breast and other drinks (cow's milk, formula, water etc) from a cup and not a bottle then he will most likely gravitate to your breast for a quick snack and cuddle when he needs it and not start using the bottle as a replacement for the breast. And if he is allowed to suck when he needs to then your milk shouldn't dry up before he is ready for it to.

As far as fertility goes, that tends to return around this age now if you are demand-feeding and offering a varied diet to Liam. I wouldn't worry too much about stopping breastfeeding for that reason.

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dont go near formula, you have done a great job this far. i would go for just cows milk or goats milk. If you think he isnt getting its dont be dazzled by whats in the formula give him child vits (of you can get them for his age).

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Like others here, I would suggest giving Liam cow's milk now. He doesn't need formula, it's a waste of money.

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i'd not bother w/ the formula or giving bottles either. just offer regular milk during the day if you want and nurse when he wants it. if he stops nursing on his own - then he's done. i think it's a myth that formula or more milk during the day makes babies sleep more at night. i've read quite a few books on babies' sleep cycles and think i remember it's just a myth. i'd not offer milk at night at all unless you are nursing on demand at night. cows milk/formula at night can cause problems w/ babies' teeth, unless you plan to brush his teeth after giving it to him every night.

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i agree with marcy, but if you are finding it hard to concieve while BF then it wont hurt to give formula and cows milk. this is something we might have to deal with soon, but age isn't a factor for us.but please let me congratulate you for BF as long as you have thats a great job

Marcy - posted on 04/03/2010




He can drink regular cows milk at this point (over a year old). If you are good with continuing to let him nurse then let him self wean. When he asks, give it to him. Don't sweat it. If he's waking during the night to be with you and isn't looking to it give him snuggles and get him back to sleep. When my son turned 1 I put him on organic cows milk during the day and at night and early AM he nursed....he still does actually and he is 3 1/2 years old. Your body will respond to him. Skip the formula, you don't need to do it and he doesn't need it. At this point he will do just fine with food, nursing and milk.

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