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Jayne - posted on 11/24/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am still breastfeeding my 17 month old toddler and trying to wean onto cows milk. He will drink the milk but still wants the breast. He has always tried to feed off me if I am sat down and I have allowed him to feed when he wants, which I now feel is far too much. He has weaned fine and eats his meals with no fuss but am at my wits end as to what to do. He will pull at my clothes to get what he wants which is embarrassing when we have company. He doesn't do this when we are out and do feel he uses breast for comfort not because he is hungry. He gets really upset if I do not let him get his way and in then end I back down and give in because I hate to see him upset. please help I am suffering with sore nipples also and have noticed he will feed of one nipple and want to hold the other nipple while he is feeding, I know this sounds weird my family think so.. I just thought it was a comfort thing for him but now am not so sure.......HELP ME PLEASE ...


Lori - posted on 11/24/2012




It sounds to me like you have a perfectly happy healthy toddler. Congrats on getting this far.

I think it's time for you to start insisting on "nursing manners". This is a great first place for a LO to start learning manners. Where better to learn manners than at the breast with mommy!

My toddler isn't allowed to rip at my shirt in or out of the house. Now that doesn't mean she never tries, but as soon as she starts tugging at my shirt I tell her she needs to wait and try to distract her. She also isn't allowed to play with or touch the other breast when she nurses. It just bugs me too much. She has her blankie that she HAS to have whenever she nurses, and she grips that and plays with it when she nurses. If your son doesn't have a nursing blankie or toy already, I'd suggest one. It can be anything that will keep his fingers busy with the blankie or toy. My preference is something soft so that she can keep sleeping with it once she's done nursing.


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