Should you always burp your baby?

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My daughter is 7 weeks. When my boyfriend and i are both in bed she sleeps in her crib but once he heads to work i take her to bed with me and breastfeed her in the side laying position i try to stay awake so i can burp her after she eats but about half the time i fall asleep until she fusses because she is hungry again. i always wake to her sound or searching for the nipple but once she is latched it becomes way more difficult to stay awake. is it bad if she isn't always burped directly after she eats? should i feed her sitting up so i don't fall asleep?


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I'd say as much as you can, in order for their health (lack of air bubbles to accrue) but at night, when your sleepy... don't worry about it. Start over new in the morning, and do what you can when you can.

I go with the 'how we were designed' prognosis most of the time. Most women probably have this same problem. After being up all day with the kids, your tired, you wake up to breastfeed and fall back asleep in order to get the rest you need. Right? Then that's pretty normal so I'd just focus on doing the burpy thingy in the day time lol

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My daughters pediatrician told me burping is completly unneeded and is only needed when your baby is uncomfortable.

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It depends on the baby and how that baby is fed and carried. Babies who are breastfed on cue and are carried upright during the day or are in the side-lying position at night don't need to be burped much. I never burped either of my girls. We sleep while nursing. Burps come out on their own when baby is in the right position.

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Shannon, you could stop during a nightfeed (like when she seems almost finished and is slowing down), burp her, and then nurse her to sleep.


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i do burp her during the day. not only after she eats but after she cries ( when she cries she swallows air and burping her helps with overall gas) and for no reason at all sometimes. she likes the patting on her back. its comforting to her. its just at night that i was concerned about. when i do sit up and burp her through the night i usually just end up feeding her more so she will fall back asleep. its weird but sometimes burping her wakes her up and other times it puts her out. lol

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I was never able to burp my girls when they were babies. My now ex would burp them if he was home and awake, but otherwise.... they didn't get burped. They never blew up. ;) I burped my son some of the time (especially w/ his reflux), but not all of the time.

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When my son was that age, I had the same worries as you. We bed-shared and it was hard to drag my butt out of bed to burp him. I tried to do it when I could because I wanted him to be comfortable, but half the time no burps came out of him and he didn't seem uncomfortable at all.

Breastfed babies (especially in the lying position) don't need to be burped as often as bottle-fed babies. But it depends on your baby. If she's not uncomfortable, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just observe her.

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