Signs of SELF weaning

Nicole - posted on 05/18/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I was wondering what are some signs of self weaning? My Daughter is 10 1/2 months and I am not sure is she is giving up BFing or not. I am still offering and sometimes she nurses and sometimes she dosen't. She eats table food and wont let me spoon feed her AT ALL. I dont think its a "bad thing" if she dosent want to nuse. I just want to make sure she is getting enough nutrition and fluids. Am I over thinking this?


Wendy - posted on 05/20/2009




Nursing strike is an all of a sudden refusal of the breast, Weaning is a gradual process which the child slows starts removing one nursing session at a time, typically happening over months. However, many moms think nursing strikes are weaning and stop offering the breast. Reasons for nursing strikes: Teething, interested in what everyone is doing, introduction of a bottle, major change in home environment (new baby sitter, mom has a new schedule, etc.) and so on. Many children go though nursing strikes (in varying degrees) just continue to offer the breast (in a quiet place if possible) and your child will be back to nursing soon.

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My son who is now 3 self-weaned himself. He simply didn't ask anymore and I just didn't offer. He was 13 mos old. He used a pacifier, so I think that helped him with his need to suck and felt gratified by it.

Nicole - posted on 05/18/2009




She has been teething since she was 9 weeks, so I dont know if thats the problem. My husband does not think she is getting enough solids, but I am not sure about that either. She still gets up like 4-6 times a night. I am so confused.

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My daughter, who's now 23-months, weaned herself when she was 11 months. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was pregnant again and already in my 2nd trimester, so my milk changed to colostrum to prepare for my new baby. She was never really that interested in nursing after she figured out all the stuff going on around her anyway. She'd nurse for about 8 minutes on one side every 2 hours and that was it. Sometimes I would pump and give her the breastmilk in her cup, so she'd still get the health benefits from it, but by the time she got to be 11 months and was nursing a lot less anyway my milk supply was so low I couldn't really pump that much to supplement her table food, and I had to start giving her formula. It was a bummer to me, but like you said, as long as she's getting enough nutrition! I hated to formula feed her, but she only had a month to go before she transitioned to cow's milk anyway, so I dealt with it. lol Since you're not pregnant, I would suggest pumping and giving it to her another way (like in her cup) or mixed with her cereal, etc. anyway you can squeeze in the breastmilk would be great. Good luck!

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If she's teething or getting enough solids then she will have less interest. I found when Alex started to teeth (at about the same age) he had little interest in nursing because his gums hurt (nursing creates blood flow to the gums).

It could just be a nursing strike, not self weaning. She'll come back to it once her discomfort has passed - she'll also have little interest if she's getting sick (also a sign of teething).

You can check out or for other information. You can pump to keep your supply up while she decides what she's doing.

My Alex is 1 year old today and eventually demonstrated obvious signs he was changing his schedule and not interested in stopping. He also extended the time between feedings from every 3 hours to every 4, and sometimes he'd skip.


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Emily - posted on 05/19/2009




It is my understanding that babies rarely wean themslves this early. I have 11.5 mo old twins. One sounds like your son. She is just not that into it. I always offer to her but sometimes she'll only nurse for a minute (though she lasts at least two hours) she never lasts longer than 5 minutes. She chows when I give her bm from a straw cup. She confuses the heck out of me. This has been going on for a few months now, though I am not increasing the amout of solids to replace since I want her to nurse as much as she will. I would just keep offering nursing, but you can't force him to eat (and boy have I tried, lol).

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