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Hi ladies!
My little one (12 weeks today!) is almost sleeping through the night. She is starting to go down at a decent hour and sleeps in two-three long stretches waking to eat. HOWEVER, she "needs" to feed to sleep, even for naps. She is very nearly 14 pound so I know she doesn't actually NEED it to sleep. I am interested in a sleep book and I have read many reviews on many books but I don't want to buy all 10 of them! Can you recommend just one book?


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there are a lot of books that are really just variations on two methods. i recommend reading one on each method and then deciding what is right for you and your baby.

Dr. Sear's Sleep Book - no cry-it-out

Ferber's Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems - modified cry-it-out (start between 4-6 months)

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At 3 months, yes, she probably does still need to nurse to sleep. It's totally normal and natural. A common misconception is that breastfeeding is just a way for our babies to get milk, when in reality nursing is a huge source of comfort for them as well. Hence the reason someone created a pacifier! Soo... she is nursing because it is sooo wonderful and comforting to her that she falls asleep so easy. I would just enjoy nursing her to sleep, she's only little once.

When she gets old, maybe 6 months, I would recommend a wonderful book called the No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. It is very helpful for breastfeeding moms at giving techniques on helping our little ones fall asleep without the nipple in their mouth... but her techniques are gentle which I like.

I would strongly recommend continuing to let her nurse when and however long she wants at least until 5-6 months.

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I hardly think it's a strange freak of nature/weird coincidence that soporphic hormones are included in breastmilk.

No, breastfeeding to sleep is the normal and natural course of breastfeeding a baby and toddler. I nurse my almost ten month old to sleep every time, and will continue to do so throughout the duration of our breastfeeding relationship. It just allows a gentle progression into the child giving up the pre-sleep nursing sessions of her own volition. Sure, it takes time, probably a couple of years, but wouldn't you look back at the before sleep cuddles and nursings with fondness?


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I love the book "Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child!!!" I've read several and it seems to be the one with the most information. It's not a method, but rather a guide about sleep and children.

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