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Sandi - posted on 04/12/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




My 5 month old is still wakign up 2-4 times a night. I am breast feeding, so I understand she needs to be fed more often, but somethings got to give! we have a routine that we do every night, at the same time. Bath, massage with lavender lotion, feeding, and bed. Does anyone have any tips that could help both of us get better sleep?


Nicole - posted on 04/12/2010




Try to remember you are doing what your baby needs. It will not last forever evan though it feels like it. All 3 of my children woke up several times a night for well over a year. Are you able to rest/ nap during the day with him? A nap can help. Hang in there!

Kristin - posted on 04/12/2010




First, you are doing just what you need to do. Go mom, excellent job.

Is she possibly teething? Sometimes the sucking action bothers them so they don't feed as well as they should. If she is teething and given her age, she might like to try some solids. Up to you and with the advice of her physician though. If she's in a lot of discomfort from teething, that will wake her. Talk with doc about pain relief for the night hours. I know it sounds awful, but I was more than happy to medicate for the sake of sleep. Just be sure to have the correct dosage from her doctor.

Also, pay attention over the next night or two and see if she isn't maybe ready to drop a feeding. You can wait a little to see if she will settle herself back down. Or dad could go in and give it a go, just don't pick her up unless she's not settling. It may take a few to several nights before she stops waking at all and it will likely shift any other night feedings she does, but you are set when you (either of you) are ready to drop another.

Hope this helps. Wishing you better nights soon.


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Jessie - posted on 04/14/2010




good luck. my son is 9 months old and just slept through the night the first time ever last week and has done it several times now. normally he gets up at least twice a night and he is several months older than yours. he eats well and nurses well during the day and we have a very similar bedtime routine. he just sort of started doing it on his own. However, I do think it has something to do with him rolling over to sleep on his tummy at night now. 5 months may be to young for your baby to tummy sleep though. Mine worried me when I found him like that the 1st few times but I can't stop him from doing it now that he is bigger. ask you doctor about it and if maybe a new sleeping position would help but only if your doctor oks it. back sleeping is recommended for a year normally. I spoke with my babys doctor yesterday and she said as long as he has fully able to roll over and hold up his head to let him sleep how he wants.

Erin - posted on 04/14/2010




My son is not that old (only 6 weeks) and I am breastfeeding as well. He use to wake up all the time, about 4 -5 times a night, but I found that giving him a bottle during the night time feedings has helped. I pump (it's more work unless you have a supply ready in the fridge) and put the milk in a bottle and then give it to him that way. I give him a bottle at 8:30 (right before bedtime) and then at 2:00 when he wakes up again. That has really seemed to help because he is tired and doesn't have to work hard to eat and I know that he is eating well. My son then wakes up around 4:00, but falls asleep after giving him a pacifier.

Hope that helps!

Beck - posted on 04/13/2010




Here is a post about my sleep story! My son was doing MUCH worse at the same age as your daughter so I would have been so so so so so happy to be only getting up a couple of times a night BUT there may be some info in here that help you.
I am writing this because I have posted similar responses to several posts of Mums who have bubs of various ages having trouble sleeping. I thought I would put it all in one spot and if you were having troubles maybe something I say would help.

My son was an angel child, he would sleep and eat happily for those first few months. I fed him to sleep all of the time and in the end we were co sleeping, one because I loves snuggling with my bub and two because it was SOOO Hard to lug my legs out of bed for yet ANOTHER night time feed!

By 5 and a half months we were OVER it, I was cranky cos I wasn't getting enough sleep, we were worried about my husbands health cos he needs sleep due to risk of seizures and we NEEDED to FIT our gorgous boy!! Corey was still in our bed waking every 45mins-hour and to get him back to sleep quickly I would feed him, over and over and over! This would mean during the afternoon we would flop into bed together and sleep all arvo.

I knew there was a sleep school in a near by town but I knew they did controlled crying at at 6mths I couldn't do it! BUT I knew that if nothing else worked we would HAVE to do it. I went out and brought several 'no cry sleep solution' books. The one that changed our life was DREAM BABY GUIDE by Shayne Rowling. An Austrlian author. It is 700+pages long and uses a lot of tecniques within the whole 24hrs to lead to healthy sleep patterns. I dont believe tht controlled crying is the only way!!!! and wanted to do what ever I could to help his sleep without it. My husband took three days off work and we planned nothing so we could tag team for three days if thats what it took. We started using the routines from the book and within 2 days we had a complete different bub! My husband even thought about going back to work cos we had him sorted with no tears!

I will tell you a few things from the book that may help you but obviously to get the full effect you would need to buy the book. Now I am not saying we have a 'perfect' sleeping bub all of the time, teething still effects his sleep from now and then BUT we have come a huge way and taught him many skills.

My bub is a low sleep requirement baby, meaning they only need 8-14hrs sleep in 24hrs. We do the following and it works a treat!! plus its getting better and better!! The book goes into lots about sleep requirments and the different nap times for different ages but if you are just after info re sleep routines this would help.

Corey, now 12mths, wakes usually around 7am (sometimes he sleeps in however I wake him by 7.30 to keep the day on track) he has a bfeed then breakfast (cereal and fruit)
9.30 milk (bfeed) and fruit for morning tea
11.20 lunch - meat, vegies, carb (rice / pasta / potato) then desert (yoghurt)
12noon bed time (usually sleeps 2-2.5hrs!!)
2.30 milk (bfeed) and arvo tea (cheese on toast / avacardo and ham on crackers, piklets etc)
5.20 tea (vegies and carb)
6pm Nudie time (clothes off play)
6.15 bath time
6.30 out of bath
6.35 milk (bfeed)
6.45 story time
6.55 into cot

Its the sleep time routine that makes the difference, my Mum and sister in law can also follow this and we do the same where ever we are so Corey always knows what is expected.
We also do the nappy change, story then bedtime routine at 11.45 before lunch time sleep.
Cuddle on couch whilst reading - household calm, whilst reading we say before, during and after we say "nearly time for nigh, nigh" "nearly time to find teddy" etc
We say good night to anyone at home - kiss
then into bed room
We lay bub in our arms and rock him whilst we sing twinkle, twinkle, (often now he wants to get into his cot cos he knows he is tired and ready for sleep) then lay him in his cot with his teddy (loves his bedtime ted)
We tuck him in tight - shoving a towel rolled up down either side to keep him in firm. Corey starts on his side. We dont have to tuck him as tight now that he sleeps so well.
We then rub his back and legs and say
"sshh, sshh, sshh, sshh time to sleep"
" sshh, sshh, sshh, sshh mummy and daddy love you"
"sshh, sshh, sshh, sshh nigh, nigh"

we repeat this twice, then stop rubbing and walk out. Corey now never needs re settleing but at first if he did put up a fight we would go in, after a couple of minutes only - shut the door behind us so there is no confusion that he is getting up then repeat the sshh, shh..... and out. It only ever took going in twice maybe three times (usually if he was over tired). We never have to go in twice now.

When he wakes and has had a decent sleep (if he ever wakes under and hour we do the sshh, sshh to get him back off for at least 1hr 20mins though usually he goes solid for the 2hrs 2.5hrs) we walk in and say "good sleeping bubba" happy and bright and get him up. This way he knows the difference between when you are expecting him to go back off and when he can hop up.

If he wakes during the night we go in (maybe give him a sip of water), re plug the dummy, re tuck him in and do the sshh, sshh - we are in and out in under 1 min and he always (except when teething and needs a shot of panadol) settles in one go.

He seems to know now when he needs more sleep and that he needs to go back off. He can now resettle himself too which he could never do, occasionally he will yell out once then go back off. We now wait, he will yell out, we wait, he may yell once or twice more and go back off. We were rushing in and therfore always helping him back to sleep. Now we wait only a minute or two and he goes back off. Anymore than that and we go in. Some people wait longer.

We must make sure he doesn't sleep when we are out in the pram or car before 12noon otherwise it can muck it up (occasionally its fine we have learnt to addapt) but we try to hold him out til 12 so he has one good sleep.

We dont follow the routine completly (there is more to it in the book) anymore, we still use many of the day time communication cues etc There is way to much to go into here!! I would recomend that you buy the book (hehehe I am earning no commision I just LOVE it as does a friend and many more people I would say!)

Good luck everyone, its so hard. You try and do the right thing by your bub but sometimes it leads to 'not helping them'. Corey was such a restless sleeper, I actually thought something was WRONG with him!! It was just that he didn't know 'how' to self settle or re settle between sleep cycles.

P.S I never thought Corey would cut all his night feeds (at 6mths) as like you he was still feeding several times a night in our bed just to get him back to sleep. He did in one night! of course I was up still pumping cos I had been used to feeding but that only lasted a few nights. I kept up at dream feed for another month but I dont think he necessarily needed it. After 6mths unless there is a medical condition bubs DONT need feeds over night! (no matter what people tell you... I know I am leaving my self open to 'different opinions on this one!!) I am sure Corey would still take a feed some nights if I offered it but he doesn't want it, when he has been unsettled due to teething some times I have tried of offer it and he isn't interested! :-( ... a dummy or a sip of water does the same job. The first few nights if he did wake his Dad would go in, after that he has been happy to take water from me. Its all about creating sleep associations and the same environment so when they go to sleep its the same when they wake up so they can think 'ok, all the same, goodo, off to sleep again!" This is why its important to be out of the room when they go to sleep, cos of course if you have them back in their cot you are not there when they wake between sleep cycles. We were expecting to HAVE to use controlled crying with Corey at 6mths but never had to using this above routine (and many more hints from the book) - like having a heater in his room set at 21degrees in winter, using a sleeping bag etc and lots of other day time communication things. This is just a wrap up for you... would love to think it works for you like it does us.... fingers crossed for you!!!

Email me for more info if you would like

Sorry, I could go on all day!!


I hope someone gets something from this to help them and their bub get a good night sleep. Don't expect too much though, bubs still need us and it very rare for any bub to sleep 12hrs straight! But for us, we were just dying for 4 hours sleep straight! Now, we hear no peep from Corey from 7pm til 5.30 (when Hubby is up getting ready for work) then he goes back off til 7-7.30am!!! ahhhh Bliss!!!

Sandi - posted on 04/12/2010




she is definetly teething, she drools constantly, chomps on everything, and goes from 0- cranky like no ones business. i give her teething tablets because i feel better about them being all natural. sometimes i can get her to go back to sleep with a pacifier, but is that perpetuating the problem? my husband tries to help, but he is not so good at not picking her up, that is his baby after all...(daddys!) but maybe getting him more informed and envolved will help. thank you for your advice!

Sandi - posted on 04/12/2010




she goes right back to sleep, most of the time. only once in a while does she stay awake. i give her a pacifier just to help her sooth herself and that does the trick sometimes, and maybe thats the problem? i could use all the help sleep training i can get, i'm willing to try just about anything! i get so jealous of people who tell me their baby slept through the night at a month old. thank you for you're help!

Natalie - posted on 04/12/2010




Co-sleeping still works for me. But you and your partner have to agree in this. I just sleep without a shirt, baby next to me...and she can find the breast without me or her even waking up completely.

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I recommend the book "On Becoming Babywise". It's wonderful! It's about making sure they are getting a full feeding each time you nurse, no snacking. This allows them to go longer stretches. So you are able to get on roughly a 3hr feeding cycle during the day and then they sleep longer at night. I breastfed exclusively my first and she slept through the night at 11wks and we never looked back. My 8wk old has slept throught the night (10-7), but she's not consitiant yet. I know she will be soon. It's not good for you or them to not get more then a couple hours of sleep at a time. You will both feel so much better. :-)

Jana - posted on 04/12/2010




I remember those days. It might not seem like it right now, but these days will pass. My daughter used to be a terrible sleeper, until we started sleep training. You are doing great by keeping her on a schedule for a bedtime routine. Do you put her to bed at the same time every night? Also something that i was wondering, when she wakes up to feed does she go right back to sleep, or stay awake to play? One thing that really helped my daughter was being able to put her to bed while she was still awake. This worked because i could get up and nurse her then go right back to bed. You will still be waking up to nurse, but you don't have to stay awake. If you want any tips on sleep training, i'm here to help.

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