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Maz - posted on 11/04/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




When I put my 5 month old daughter to bed it's always on her back, when I check on her 5-10 mins later she'son her tummy sometimes face down, when I roll her on her back again she wakes up, I get her back to sleep, check on her again and she is on her tummy again, is it safe for her to be on her tummy at 5 months or should I keep rolling her on to her back?


Danielle - posted on 11/04/2009




My daughter does the same thing... It started around the same age and now she's almost 7 months and still doing it. She starts rolling to her stomach immediately, sometimes before I've finished getting my hands out from under her when laying her down. Sometimes now she will stay on her side for a few minutes before rolling all the way over, but inevitably she ends up on her stomach every night. I went through the whole trying to turn her back thing and she always woke up, so I have given in and just let her stay that way now and she seems to sleep a lot better. I think if they're old enough/strong enough to roll over and to raise their heads when on their tummies then it should be ok, but you might ask her doctor just in case.

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My daughter has always slept on her tummy. Before doctors and books were telling us that it was safer for our babies to sleep on their backs, the were telling us they were safer on their tummys. Its just fine for her to sleep on her tummy. just make sure that there arnt too many toys or blankets in her bed and she will be safe.


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If you're really worried about it try a sleep positioner. We used one with my daughter and it worked great. She wasn't able to roll over and slept comfortably.You can get them at Walmart and Toys R Us and they are rather inexpensive.

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My daughter did/does this also. I asked her doctor about it at her 6 month appt. and she said that it is just fine. Just make sure that she sleeps on a flat surface. If she is in her crib do not put her on top of any blankets and make sure the sheet is tight. The dr. also told me to remove her crib bumper because it just for looks and can be dangerous.

Anna - posted on 11/04/2009




I think once they can roll themselves over easily it's ok for them to sleep how they want. The main risk factor for SIDS is actually smoking, so if you had a smokefree pregnancy and no one smokes around your baby now, and she has no breathing problems, the chances of it are very low. They will move their own heads if they have started sleeping with their noses covered. .

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My daughter started doing that too when she started rolling from back to front. I still put her on her back to sleep. Sometimes she stays that way and sometimes she doesn't. When they are strong enough to roll over they are strong enough to pick their head up from the mattress when they are on their tummy. If you're still concerned I would ask your pediatrician for peace of mind.

Maz - posted on 11/04/2009




She can roll when awake, just with this fear about cot death and worrying that when she rolls onto her front she might suffocate, should I just leave her on her front if she prefers it?

Jamie - posted on 11/04/2009




Can your daughter roll on her own when she is awake? Soon after my daughter learned to roll she would turn over onto her belly during the night. She would wake herself up and we would go in and turn her onto her back.

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