Sleeping with mommy and daddy.. original co sleeper..any good????

Casey - posted on 01/07/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Our little girl is almost 8 months old and she is still sleeping with us in our king size Tempupedic bed. It started for MANY reasons. We both love her in the bed, but she needs her own space now (and so do we). After 8 months of night after night going to bed with us...she knows the routine. There have been a few nights where she was so tired I nursed her and put her down in her crib in her room. I was a nervous wreck and couldn't sleep, but she slept for 4 to 5 hours. When she finally woke up, I nursed her and then put her down. But after that she would try to go back to sleep and she couldn't and then I was so tired after two hrs of trying, I gave up and brought her back into bed with us. She goes down great for naps during the day in her crib. I was wondering about buying a co sleeper....maybe that would be a good start to moving her into her own space but right by my side at night and keep her crib in her room for naps until she is done breastfeeding, teething and all of the millions of diaper changes during the night (like 5 to 6 a night). Any advice? Please help any other mothers dealing/dealt with this? Anyone tried the co it worth it? Does it help? Thank you Moms'


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Emma - posted on 01/20/2010




with all three of my children i had cot beds from day one with one side down and pushed right up against the bed made sure no gaps to fall down ,i was happy to have them so close to me,my middle child would fuss in the night if i hadnt put her into her bed by 9 pm i found it so much easyer to do the feeds and was never as tired in the mornings as some of mybf friends who had their babys in another room,as for the nappy change i had that with my youngest child in the day he didnt care how wet he was but by that age i found it hard keeping one on him in the house anyway ,night time though parden the frase but he peed like a horse and i would go through up to ten in one night,i found it so much easyer having him there by me just lean over change lay down sleep.At one time i had one one each side of the bed for my two eldest as there is only 13 months between them,the girls were easy to get into their own room as they shared,my son who is now five stayed with me till he was 4 but that was by my choice,i carried him for nine months bf for22 months so was in no hurry for him to be totaly independent of me selfish iknow would have done it longer with the girls if he had not popped up.

Casey - posted on 01/08/2010




Thank you for your response. Yes I ONLY use pampers. She has been like that since she was born. She just doesn't like a wet diaper period! She won't stop tossing and turning until she is in a new one or during the day she won't stop fussing. Once she is changed, she is fine. I already talked to the pediatricians they just said some babies don't like wet diapers and some can sit in them all day. So they weren't concerned at all. But when she was a new born she would scream before she would pee, so that is when I talked to them and they said that she doesn't like peeing. hahaha I know it sounds funny but I have a high maintenance baby girl!

Emma - posted on 01/07/2010




I agree with Reesa on the diaper changes, unless she has poo'd you do not need to change her that often. I use Huggies Supreme and my son can go about 12 hours before he is wide awake and in need of a diaper change. As for the co sleeping, and if you are able to move her to her own room, put her in her crib in the beginning (the first nights will be hard) but keep with it. Put one of your shirts in her crib as this might help soothe the little darling. Then when she wakes, put her back. Again the first nights will be the hardest. My son is 6.5 mo and I've started to transition him back into his crib. He does go to sleep in his own bed and its usually sometime after midnight I end up bringing him into bed with me. But lately I've just been putting him back down in his crib ( I unfortunately don't have the option to move him into his own room yet ) its disruptive but we are making progress.

Reesa - posted on 01/07/2010




I think to move her to a co-sleeper and eventually her crib is more stressful than just getting her used to her crib for night time. The older she gets the harder it will be to move her into her own space. My little girl is almost 14 months old and has been in her own crib since she was about 6 months. It took a few nights but she eventually got used to it. It was hard on me too (nervous wreck) but then we got a baby monitor that had the little tv so I could check on her without disturbing her. She is still breastfed and up until 4 nights ago, I would still get up with her once during the night to change her and nurse her but I decided that it wouldn't stop unless I stopped it. If you are changing her multiple times at night (5-6) I'd check with your pediatrician. Unless she poos you don't have to change her that much. Try the Pampers Baby Dry or Pampers Extra Protection.

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