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Faith - posted on 04/13/2010 ( 18 moms have responded )




Hi, I have a 15 pound 5 month old son... Every time we go out i end up giving him formula because I am extremely self conscious and it is so hard to walk through a store trying to shop while breastfeeding. I had an Evenflo Snugli Sway sling but now he's too big to be in it and it was extremely uncomfortable to wear. Well, my question is does anyone know of a sling made for bigger babies that doesn't hurt to wear and doesn't cost a fortune.


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Geneva - posted on 04/16/2010




i used a peanut shell sling - they have different sizes & there aren't any adjustments to be made - just throw it on & adjust baby inside of it. but for breastfeeding in public/privacy I got a bebe au lait cover that had FAR better coverage than some of the other stuff out there. whatever you buy, search online & in stores you can usually find a discount!

Mellissa - posted on 04/16/2010




I use the African Baby Carrier which is exactly like the Ergo. Worn on your front it makes breastfeeding in public easy and discreet. It also lasts for years, as you put them on your back as they grow.

Sara - posted on 04/15/2010




I didn't use a slng so I don't know. I did however get what the call an Udder Cover from a friend for my birthday because I was very insecure in public. Now we are good to go. He didn't like slings because he gets to hot so it was an undertaking trying to find something that would work. They are made from breatheable fabric. So maybe you could use a sling and then that so you are both covered. Right now they are giving them away free other than coupon code is "babies"

Angela - posted on 04/15/2010




My girl is/was big too but I love my ring sling for carrying her-the best tip I have is tpo make sure baby is tight to your body- if there's any gaping between your body and baby it's harder to support the weight. this makes a big difference with a two shouldered ergo style carrier.

also re: breasfeeding in public- if your babe doesn't like covers then a good solution is to wear a tank top with a low scoop neck under a bigger shirt- then you can put your breast over the tank top and under the big top- no skin shows and you have a space that's only big enough for baby to latch on- I've done this lots in public and people don't even seem to know what I'm doing- good luck!

Dora - posted on 04/15/2010




Just as an FYI...Becareful with the slings. Many have been recalled because of suffocation. 1 Million Baby Slings Recalled
Infantino Baby Slings Recalled in U.S., Canada After 3 Infants Died
By Daniel J. DeNoon
WebMD Health NewsReviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD

Christie - posted on 04/15/2010




Don't be concerned about breastfeeding in public, I BF my now 21month old any time any where, (and will do the same with my 3week old) and never had anyone asy anything negative ever. If anything the only people who did speak to me where complimenting me on my good parenting :) On the topic of slings and carriers I love my Mei Tai (it's an Ellaroo but the brand isn't important I don't think). Especially love it for back carries which leaves you hands free and without a bub getting in the way of any chores, or a toddler trying to "help" :P

Sheena - posted on 04/14/2010




dont feel self conscious about breastfeeding.. just think the people walking by u that r giving u the gross look probably were breastfed so y shouldnt ur baby be aloud the best thing for him too?

Brittany - posted on 04/14/2010




I never thought of using a sling to breastfeed out and about.....good idea! I'm going to have to try this. :)

Megan - posted on 04/14/2010




I have a fantastic sling and worth every penny! Go on line to
I wore my baby and breastfeed her all the time while shopping and then she would fall asleep and I would continue to shop or just walk for exercise! It is the best sling ever and she loved it!

Laura - posted on 04/14/2010




I used the Maya wrap with both of my sons. My first son was big, too, 20 pounds by age 4 months. It has a long tail of extra fabric that I used as a cover when nursing. It was pricey, about $40, but worth it since the sling can be used for older babies and toddlers as well.

Lauren - posted on 04/14/2010




I love my Moby D and my Beco!!! With the Moby, I take my 5 month old out (she weighs 18 lbs btw LOL) and nurse her in my lap lying down the way she likes it. The Moby pieces cover the top of the breast I am nursing on! :) As for the Beco, I just put a small burp cloth at the top of my breast and nurse her across my lap again. I do not cover her head since she would not nurse, but the burp cloth is perfect. Both carriers are great for bigger babies! :)

Elizabeth - posted on 04/13/2010




I have a moby wrap I got on for $19.99

It was this weird color so it was on cleance.

I use it with my 5 month old who is just over 15lbs, it works great for me and he loves it.

I've also used it in the back carry style with my 32lb 3 year old.

You can carry your baby in soooo many ways with this wrap and because there is so much cloth its very easy to nurse without anyone knowing/seeing anything.

The down sides though would be that it take a bit to wrap it up so you can put your baby in it and in the summer it can be pretty hot.

Also you could just buy a cheap little hand pump and pump some milk into a bottle for him. That way he's still getting the very best and you don't have to nurse in public :)

Minnie - posted on 04/13/2010




Ergos are always frequently suggested. They're rugged and they carry a lot of weight. They also distribute the weight wonderfully.

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The Maya ring sling is a great one for all size babies. They are pricey. Sometimes you can find disc. ones on clearance. Or try, search ring slings and there are quite a few to choose from that are slightly cheaper, or if you can sew or know someone who does they are very easy to make. But if a good sling investment will keep you from having to buy formula, and you can use it with any more children that you might have or you can sell it. My friend made my sling for me and designed it after the Maya and I still carry my 16 mo. old in it everytime we go somewhere. Good luck!

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