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Heather - posted on 07/12/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi everyone,
I am kind of at a point where I am not sure what to do. My daughter is 6 months old and is now starting solid foods, which is great because breast milk is not holding her over as long any more. The thing that I am having trouble with is that she doesn't like the spoon. She wont open her mouth to take the spoon at all. I have to tickle her or make her laugh to get her mouth open far enough to get the spoon in her mouth.

Is she not ready to be eating from a spoon? She doesn't take a bottle so I can't even mix milk with cereal and feed it that way. And she doesn't have the dexterity to finger feed herself yet. Any suggestions on what I should do?


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Andrea - posted on 07/12/2010




I was told that solid foods should not be introduced based on age (with 6 months being minimum) but more based on when they start reaching for everything and putting it in their mouth. At the very least, I would look for her to reach for the spoon, then naturally they should want to put EVERYTHING in their mouth.

Amberlee - posted on 07/12/2010




Try again in a week, and offer her a spoon to play with while you feed her

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