Son comes off the breast during feed... How do I stop this

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Ok so my Son is BF and he keeps coming off and on the breast during a feed. My milk supply is good and he guzzles it down. I assume this is the reason, but the problem is he then gets a bit gassy and I have issues burping him. What can I do to keep him on and slow him down?


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Here are some suggestions on how to deal with a forceful letdown. I had the same issue and usually took my daughter off. I felt like I was wasting milk by letting it run into a blanket so I caught it in my pump bottle. I had so much extra milk that I was able to donate 300 oz. A lot of that was from catching the letdown.

If baby gets gassy you can try massaging his tummy gently in a circular motion or gently bicycling his legs to help get the gas out.

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Does your baby pull off when your milk lets down, or just randomly throughout the feeding? I have problems with my daughter pulling off when my milk lets down on my left side, but not on my right. I guess, the left has a stronger let down. I stop my daughter after my milk lets down on the stronger side, because otherwise she pulls off anyway. Its just easier to stop her and let it pour onto a blanket or towel. Then, I put her back on. When she tries to continue when its so strong, I noticed she gets gassy more. And then, I have VERY long nights with her not wanting to sleep. Stop him on your own to burp him. It might help some. Good luck, and awesome job for looking for help, not wanting to give up!


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Thanks for that. He only does it on one side too, and it must be when the milk lets down. I will try what you suggested, hopefully it will give me some burping release! Linden is only 13 days old so I'm still very new to this! Thanks again.

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