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What is the best way to decide when to start solids? Depending on the source 'experts' say anywhere between 4 and 12 months. I always thought I would start when my daughter showed an interest but she is showing an interst really early. She can sit proped up, has head/neck control, insists on being at the dinner table (she's perfectly happy playing/in her swing, etc when I'm cooking but as soon as I sit down to eat, she wants to be with me), watches me eat and even reaches for my silverwear. But she's only 2 months!! She has been reaching her physical milestones early - she already rolls over- and she is huge- 14 lbs. I don't want to give her anything before her digestive system is ready but she is acting like she wants to eat too...

(Whenever I start solids it will be for the learning experience not so much for nutrition, she'll keep getting my milk for her dietary needs).


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It is reccommended that you don't start foods like milk, peanuts, nuts,eggs, citrus fruit... for the first year. Early introduction is what they think causes allergies. If your child develops an allergy you wouldn't want to give them any of that food without the supervision of a doctor.

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I had the same experience with my daughter except she weighed less, i started her on rice cereal at three and a half months, she loved it, i mixed my breast milk in with it and would not have changed it if i wanted to.

All this stuff about developing food alergies is alittle confusing. They prefer you not to feed babies cow milk, cheese (dairy products) or peanuts, (these are the most common food alergies), before they are six months. The thing is doctors and reserchers are also finding out that people that do have food alergies get over their alergy by giving in tiny doses their alergen.

So if you are up to go ahead and give her a taste of it. if she cannot swollow it and she just pushes it out with her tongue then wait she is not ready, but is does take it give a tiny bit a day, stick mostly to your milk. When she turns 4 to 6 months and you notice that she is truely ready then dont be afraid to give it to her she will be well into the recomended age by then.

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If you wait until baby can pick up food and feed herself you won't have to worry about her being ready for food- she knows what she needs. She'll more than likely be ready sometime after six months to begin feeding herself.

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I agree. We have decided to wait. My daughter is almost 6 months and is doing great on breastmilk. She watches me eat too, but she is not sitting unsupported yet and she doesn't have the pincer grasp. I love the articles La Leche League has on solids. When you read them, it just makes sense. Feeding a baby solids doesn't mean you have to spoon feed them. When they can pick it up and put it in their mouth it puts them in control of the amount and you avoid the fight of trying to spoon feed them. Go to and type starting solids in the search box. You will find some great info.

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According to La Leche League:

You will know that he is really ready to start solids when:

he is about six months old

he can sit up without any support

he continues to be hungry despite more frequent nursing which is unrelated to illness or teething

he has lost the tongue-thrusting reflex and does not push solids out of his mouth

he can pick up things with his finger and thumb (pincer grasp)

You are right to question her true readiness and I honestly belive that she is not ready. Waiting will pay off in the long run in the following ways:

Less of a chance for the development of food allergies

A better chance that your breastfeeding relationship will not suffer. Often mothers who feed solids early experience problems with milk supply when their infants begin to eat solids because the young infant has trouble regulating their solid intake.

I encourage you to hold off.

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