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my little guy is 3 months old and he usually goes anywhere from 2-4 days without a poop, i hear breastfed babies aren't supposed to get consitpated....but at about 4 days if he hasnt' gone he gets the stinkest farts and i mean like rotten egg smell...and he gets really uncomfortable..

what am i doing wrong? what am i eating that is wrong?? i don't eat any green veggies because that doesn't agree with him, and i cut out drinking milk because that made him upset too...what else should i cut out of my diet?

thank you for your advice! everything helps :)


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My son does the same, he is 6weeks, he never goes 4 days but I've read they can go up to ten days if BFing. When his gas gets stinky it means he will have a bowel movement soon because the stool has moved lower in his colon, which causes the smelly gas. My son still isn't used to the feeling of having a poop so he gets pretty uncomfortable as well when he poos. I wouldn't worry about it being your diet in regards to the smelly gas or him being uncomfortable when pooping. I'm sure the smelly farts will go away and as long as he is farting and pooping you know all is well by 6 months his digestive system will be fully developed and things will get better! Hope this helps some....Good Luck with everything!

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My son used to get really stinky farts...probably around the same age. I never found out what it was but they stopped on their own after a month or two.

As far as going days in between poops, I wouldn't be too concerned. A doctor often won't intervene when it comes to a breastfed baby not pooping unless it has been 10+ days. Breast milk is the perfect food. Therefore, a baby's body can use up almost all of what it consumes, producing very little waste. Not to mention, breast milk is mostly water anyways. As long as he's still having plenty of wet diapers, and he doesn't seem to be in any discomfort, I wouldn't think that there's anything to worry about. Some things that you can do to gently help get him little insides moving things along are tummy massage, a warm bath, and massaging his anus gently while he's in the tub. For the tummy massage, lay him on his back on the floor or bed and gently massage in a rainbow motion between the bottom of his ribs and his belly button and always go from (your) left to right.

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I just posted something about this a couple of weeks are definitely not alone!! Ava was going 7-10 days without pooping and would knock my husband and me out with her farts!! One of the mom's suggested 1oz of prune juice and 1 oz of water. I gave it to Ava and she pooped the next morning. (it smelled just like the farts) I'll tell you, she wasn't constipated because what came out wasn't hard at all.... other mom's told me that it's perfectly normal for an exclusively breastfed baby to go that long before having a movement. I did the prune juice thing to ease my own mind. 2-4 days isn't bad.... the smell of the farts can be embarrassing, especially in public - everyone will think it's you!!! LOL


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