Storing Expressed Milk

Tracy - posted on 11/05/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I was wondering what other working or pumping moms do to store their milk. With my 1st son we always used the Lansinoh bags and froze them in an empty wipes box. The fit perfectly in the boxes, stacked great, the date/volume area was large & easy to write on, and in the bags they thaw out very quickly in warm water. We didn't have much freezer space then, so that was what worked best then, but I always felt bad always throwing something away. Now that we have a deep freeze, when I was given a chance to try Lansinoh storeage bottles. I have to admit that I really do like being able to come home and just throw the bottle in the freezer. I have even tried it with another brand, but I like the Lansinoh ones better, because the lid is a nipple ring, so you don't have to find a ring that will fit them, and the stopper in the ring is rubber, so it fits in tightly as apposed to falling out and moving around when you screw it on, and there is some give when the milk expands when it is frozen. And I love being able to reuse it! I only have 2 issues, and I wondered if anybody had any tips for overcomming them. 1.) How the heck do you keep track of the date? Could I put tape on the bottles before I freeze them and write with a dry erase marker the date? I tried writing with a wet erase right on the bottle, but the bottle got wet from condensation when it was freezing and smeared the date. 2.) It takes a little longer to thaw out in warm water. Are bottle warmers ok for breastmilk, or would that not work with the milk being frozen? All in all I will probably keep using these, but would like some advice. Thanks!


Angela - posted on 11/05/2010




Write on the bottle with a sharpy and then put a strip of scotch tape over it. (the marker earases when the tape is removed). I label my kids water bottles like this. The tape stays on through several washes or can be removed after each wash in your case. bottle warmers are fine to use just might take alittle longer when frozen.


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