stripping/ stirring membranes?

Christen - posted on 11/18/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Is there a difference between stripping membranes and stirring them? If so, what?

Also, How many of you have had your membranes stripped/stirred and how effective was it at getting labor started?

One more question, I've heard that after getting your membranes stirred there is a 95% chance that you will go into labor within 3 days. Is that true?


Rebecca - posted on 11/18/2009




Stripping/stirring your membranes are the same thing. I had it done 3 times with my first baby and 2 times with my last baby and I still went 2 weeks overdue with both. Both times it didnt help me to go into labour it just made me spot for a few days. I have heard that apparently you are supposed to go into labour within 48hrs of getting your membranes stripped. But I dont know about that one. At least for me it never worked....

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