Sudden Pain when nursing my 23 months old... what is it?

Mary Renee - posted on 04/28/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I've been nursing my daughter for 23 months with little to no problems since the first 9 weeks (the first 9 weeks were painful, difficult, had a low supply, etc, but once we got past that hurtle it was great.

Suddenly when she nurses on my right side, it feels someone pulling needles through my nipple! After a few minutes the pain subsides, but it remains uncomfortable to nurse her. There isn't anything "visibly" wrong as there might be with a milk bleb (I've had those before though, but don't see one). Any ideas on what is causing this and if it's something that'll go away on it's own?

I plan on weaning her gradually, not trying to do any cold turkey weanings if I can avoid it, but the pain on the right side makes me want to only nurse her on the left.


Side Note:

A friend of mine told me about a mammory masseuse or lactation specialist that's some kind holistic practice where they massage "old" milk that's stuck in unused ducts or something like that. She swears that it was painful but that old hard crusty milk came out. It's super pricey to see this lady (like $150 for one hour with her) so I don't want to go if it's a crock but if it's legit I don't like the idea of crusty milk inside me.


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Tina - posted on 04/29/2012




I would definately make sure thrush isn't the culprit before spending the money. If you or the baby happened to have been on antibiotics recently your at a higher risk. It's hard to tell on you usually blanched areolas but usually baby will start shoowing signs of white in their mouth that doesn't wipe away, however, it can take a few days before you would see this.

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