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Ok, I have tried almost everything. I can only pump 5 MAYBE 6 times a day. My son is just over 3 months of age. And I can tell that my supply is not as much as he demands. I have tried the Milkmaid Tea from Babies R Us and ordered Mothers Milk Tea (I ordered this before I got it at Babies R Us)... However it doesn't seem to be helping, and if I stop drinking it for even one pump I end up getting half of what I use to get!

When I get home from work, after I pump, I'll go ahead and put him on, but he gets REALLY frustrated.... I'm just barley producing 3.5 oz a pump and that alone takes me atleast 45 min to get... Does anyone have any suggestions???


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Alicia - posted on 10/15/2009




It could be that your pump is not working properly or it is not the right kind for your needs.

Aleks - posted on 10/15/2009




ummm... may be when you get back from work you should feed baby first then pump! No wonder he gets frustrated when some of the milk he wants gets taken away!
Keeping up with night feedings does help in keeping milk supply up. Drink plenty of water in evenings and during night. And just like the lady above said, babies are much better at getting milk out than pumping. I dont know if I would be able to pump out much milk - 2nd time bf now coming up to 8mths, which means my breasts are quite efficient at producing milk and baby getting it out.

I found I increased my supply when pumped in evenings, after baby had a final feed to sleep. Also remember, babies go through growth spurt where they do require more, meaning more time on the breast, sometimes more frustration as they at times can be too impatient with waiting for the supply to increase.
good luck.

Claire - posted on 10/15/2009




Don't know if it helps but are you eating plenty ? also if your doing lots of tiring work it can affect your supply. my midwife told me that pumping loads can affect your supply in a negative way, and said that putting baby to the breast is much better for stimulating milk production.Even if he gets very cross when you put him on the breast, she says that it will eventually stimulate milk production so to try to carry on.

hope you get it sorted x

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