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I am a full time working mom. My daughter is 6 months old and has been exclusively breastfed since she was born. I went back to work when she was 3 months old, and recently switched to an evening position so that I can spend more time with her (before by the time I got off work, picked her up, and got her home she pretty much just ate and went to bed). I run a program that works with at-risk youth and all have significant behavior problems. I find it hard to find time at work to pump and am worried about my milk supply. I used to be able to get 8-9oz every time I pumped, now I only get about 5. To make matters worse, my deep freezer died, it had over 50 bags of frozen milk each with 4oz and I lose all of it. I am very determined to keep breastfeeding but am worried that I won't have enough milk. Any advice??


Carolyn - posted on 03/21/2011




its normal for pump output to decrease overtime. Its just not as effective as baby . I could easily get 10 + oz before going to bed, it dwindled over time to where i would get 4-5 oz.

Your body will also adjust itself to make less milk at the times where you are not demanding as much from it. in your case the evenings while you are at work.

For the last couple months. My 9 month old only nurses 3-4 times a day (on solids and loving them) and i give him a few oz of formula before bed ( he will not latch for the life of me at bedtime) so he doesnt nurse between 5- 6 pm and 7 am typically. and i quit pumping when he hit about 6 months because i was annoyed with having to clean it LOL ) I have all the milk in the world when Logan nurses, can still nurse him at night if needed, but dont get engorged in between. remember we are factories and not storage facilities, You make milk as baby eats.

Try to pump when you can while you are at work, and i fyou havent already, she will be starting solids, which can help fill that void while you are at work. Nurse just before you leave and right when you get home. If you can pump once in between so you can leave her a bottle for the next night while you are gone, you should be just fine.

Im assuming she is taking full feeds ( not snacking ever 1 1/2 ) and having decent length sleeps at night.

so long as you are nursing her when you are with her, you should be okay as your supply is established and regulated.

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