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My lo is almost 6 mos and lately the weather has been really hot so i have tried not to swaddle him while he is sleeping cause otherwise he wakes up super sweaty and breaks out in a heat rash. Unfortunately he does not sleep as well when he is not swaddled..especially when he first goes to sleep. He has to be passed out in my arms after i feed him before i can put him down, cause only then will he continue sleeping. If he isnt sleeping when i put him down he thinks that its play time in his crib and starts moving around and playing with his hands and feet and wont go to sleep. He is never in his crib except to sleep. Before when i swaddled him and put him down when he was awake he would fall alseep. Any tips on how i can wean him off of being swaddled? One person suggested swaddling only one arm for awhile. He still gets really hot that way though!


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Briana - posted on 06/24/2010




My son HATED being swaddled. Even the day he was born he struggled to get out of it. We continued until he was 6 weeks, then only swaddled his legs, and he started sleeping longer, and longer. Then, about a month ago, I stopped all together and just put him in a footed sleeper. He now sleeps through the night :) Every baby is different.

Heather - posted on 06/24/2010




I did exactly what Sarah said- I had to wean my LO off swaddling to sleep at night, too. I love the Halo sleep sacks, and had one w/a swaddle that I gradually loosened and then took off and left her in a normal sleep sack for awhile. Now she does great w/out anything, though I did give her a little snuggly to use at night, which seemed to help, too.

Good luck to you!

Sarah - posted on 06/24/2010




If you wanted to continue swaddling, get a light weight swaddle. W really like the cotton Halo sleepsack swaddles. I've found the best way to stop swaddling is to do it gradually: first just one arm out, then wrap his belly, then switch to a sleepsack, like the Halo ones. Definitely get a fan for his room, if you don't already. Not only does the circulating air help reduce the risk of SIDS, but the cooler temp does too. It's recommended to keep your house set at 68-72 degrees.

Leslie - posted on 06/23/2010




I swaddled my daughter for about 9 months. We swaddled from day 1 and she slept through the night from 7 weeks. This was during the summer too. I didn't put any type of shirt on her, just her blanket. I would find the thinnest blanket that you can still swaddle him in and use that. Our bedrooms are the coldest areas in the house because we leave those doors shut. It kept my daughter's room cooler than the rest of the house, therefore she didn't get as warm.

We weaned her from swaddling by putting 1 arm in and 1 arm out for a while until she eventually kicked out of it enough and still slept through the night. Trust me, it wasn't simple. She didn't do well with it the first couple of times we tried it (we started trying to wean her around 6 mos), so we went back to swaddling her and tried again in a couple of weeks. I spent several nights re-swaddling her in the middle of the night. Eventually, we didn't have to do that. We had to resort to some interesting tactics to keep her in the blanket until she was ready to come out.

Good Luck!!!

Mandy - posted on 06/23/2010




I wish my LO would be swaddled, they grow up way to fast, but anyways.. could you try just putting a onsie on him and then swaddle him instead of putting a nighty on ??? I don't know that I'm that much help but just a thought.. Good luck

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