switching from breast to bottle? need advice?

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i hav a 3.5 month old child who is strictly bf but coz of too much reflux his pedi suggested to switch to AR formula or lil bit of rice cereal once a day, i opted to give formula once in 24hrs initially at nit but here comes the prob that my LO is not taking bottle at all. he weeps n refuses to drink :( me n hubby tried in all the possible ways but he is not taking it.
need suggestion how to do this?


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Before switching to formula, I would try to figure out the problem. Unfortunately, doctors don't get much training in breastfeeding and many will suggest formula without trying to help the mom continue breastfeeding.

Breastfed babies spit up for a few reasons and not necessarily reflux. One reason is Overactive Letdown, which means that milk comes out too fast. OALD can mimic reflux.

Symptoms of OALD:
Does your baby do any of these things?

Gag, choke, strangle, gulp, gasp, cough while nursing as though the milk is coming too fast
Pull off the breast often while nursing
Clamp down on the nipple at let-down to slow the flow of milk
Make a clicking sound when nursing
Spit up very often and/or tend to be very gassy
Periodically refuse to nurse
Dislike comfort nursing in general
If some of this sounds familiar to you, you probably have a forceful let-down. This is often associated with too much milk (oversupply). Some mothers notice that the problems with fast letdown or oversupply don’t start until 3-6 weeks of age. Forceful let-down runs the gamut from a minor inconvenience to a major problem, depending upon how severe it is and how it affects the nursing relationship.

Read this article on how to fix the problem

It might be something in your diet (dairy). I don't have much first hand experience in this but one of our mods does. Hopefully, she'll stop in.

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