taking a bottle?!? How can I get my little one to take one when I have to be out?


Hannah - posted on 09/18/2013




The best thing you can do is try a variety of bottles until you find one that works for your little one. Have someone else try giving it to her while you are not around...if your baby can smell your milk on you he/she will be less inclined to take the bottle. Also instruct whoever is going to give the bottle not to wait until baby is overly hungry, because baby will be routing trying to find the breast and might become frantic and less cooperative. The type of bottle really can make all the difference. There is an article on here about the best bottles forbreastfed babies. I used tomme tip pee with my daughter and it worked pretty well. However on that article they had one that was made out of silicon and was skin colored, think I might just have to try one of those with the next baby. Good luck!


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Joanne - posted on 09/20/2013




I use tommy tippee they have a more real nipple feel for baby. My son usually takes the tip first and then the whole nipple (he had to get used to the overflow of milk)

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